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Wrong upload from garmin to strava

Mt. Kenya

I have a garmin forerunner 255 and my activities are automatically uploaded from garmin connect to strava. Yesterday i did a 10k run but the activity in strava has 0,00km. The activity in garmin connect however shows all the right data and kilometers. I have tried to manually upload the .gpx and .fit files to strava but then the problem remains. Anyone has an idea what the problem is and how i can resolve this? 




You seem to be having similar problems to me. Have a read of my thread below.

Is this a consistent problem with your uploads, or just a random manifestation? As you can read, my upload problems are random, so hard to fathom. Now you've had similar issues, it's pointing towards a Connect > Strava issue. My manual uploads (after deleting the faulty uploads) do seem to work for me, though.

Out of interest, do you use a mobile signal to upload everything, or wifi?

Hi Pete,

That looks quite similar indeed. Its not always but had it for the 2nd time now. The last error i uploaded with the mobile signal because i wasnt at home. Normally i think its WiFi when im at home. Unfortunately deleting and manual upload doesnt work...