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Resolved! deleting activity automatically

I encountered a 404 while attempting to fetch an activity after getting a webhook request for creating an activity. I observe a pattern that occurs when creating an activity and it automatically deletes an activity that has a small time difference, I...

Resolved! How to upload an activity with heartrate or power data?

I have heartrate data from indoor cycling sessions ( no gps data ) and I want my app to be able to upload the session once it's finished to strava. I have been able to create an activity with only the average heartrate, but i have not been able to do...

mklr by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Email missing in the athlete profile.

I called Strava API to connect the athlete with my app, I need some required information about the athlete. Email is the first priority of them, but I can't see the email of the athlete. I already tried with the all of scope but still I don't see the...

Resolved! How to Associate a Strava Activity to Device Record

In my app, athletes can connect their Strava, Garmin Connect and COROS accounts to, among other things, capture completed activities. So if they've connected both Strava and, say, Garmin, then when they complete workouts, we'll receive activity recor...

strideon by Mt. Kenya
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Changing the map type using the API

Hi, I am trying to make a program that as soon as I upload an activity, changes the title, the description, and most importantly the map type from the regular orange line, to the "support Ukraine" map type.I have been playing around with the API, usi...

API Registration Issues

Hi! I have been trying to set up an API that will extract activity data based on dates. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing issues with the API registration.I have been following the guide (in the api guidelines) step by step but I keep coming to...

Update Activity RPE via API?

Hi everyone!  I am somewhat familiar with Strava's API both directly via HTTP and with the Python Stravalib library through my visualization app Heatflask ( (Client ID 12700) which I has been running since 2016.   However I ...

bfef by Shkhara
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Resolved! API: get_activity_by_id returning 404

I'm hitting an issue where the activities api is behaving unexpectedly.  I can curl and retrieve details for many activities but I'm having an issue with indoor cycle activities from Wahoo.    curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ***"

steely12 by Mt. Kenya
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