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I'm looking for a way to have these statistics included with my runs on strava.

I use strava to record my running and view statistics which is great.

First I started using the strava Apple Watch app but it didn't include these extra statistics. I know for example Garmin watches can sync these data to strava running activities, but don't want to buy a new watch and wondered if this is also possible with my Apple Watch. I found out that the workout app on iOS 16.1 and Apple Watch 9.1 includes this data, but not all data is synced to strava .

Is this already on the roadmap or hopefully a good idea to add :)?

Kind regards


Mt. Kenya

As mentioned before, this is not an idea, but a bug. Please prioritize this. Thank you so much!! 

Mt. Kenya

@Jane  Any update on this bug?

Mt. Kenya

Unfortunately, I think that the price/value ratio of Strava subscription does not match anymore, and will cancel my subscription. I will resubscribe once when one of the following is addressed by Strava:

- Dark mode added and more statistics from Apple Watch (Fitness app from iOS) is synced to Strava (cadence, vertical oscilliation, power, ground contact time, and stride length)

- In case the above cannot be addressed, then a significant price drop of the subscription would have to be introduced, in order to match the value of the premium subscription


Hi Mato,


I totally agree. This also seems to me (as a 25 years IT professional with programming knowledge) like an easy to add feature. I will cancel my paid subscription until this is added. 

Mt. Kenya


pls add the feature to monitor the cadence or you are missing another subscriber,  have to justify the increase in subscription recently.

Mt. Kenya

This is well overdue - is there are a technical reason why this data is not imported into strava?


@bmb823 HealthFit is great—in addition to Cadence, it also imports Running Power (as estimated by Apple Watch). Unfortunately, as with many other discrepancies with Strava, that metric is only visible in the app, not the website.

Mt. Kenya

C'mon, please add this feature 🫶 Without it working out with the AW is really frustrating 😞

Mt. Kenya

Hello, still not implemented…

Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

Soon iOS 10 will be released and I would appreciate if the above mentioned statistics cadence, power, ground contact and maybe som additional statistics that are available would be added. If not possible, an explanation to the community would be great 🙂

Mt. Kenya

an explanation to the community would be great”



Yes an explanation would be great. Now we are all thinking, would it be that Strava developers

- have no time

- are not interested 

- think it’s too difficult

and we would then love to know why?


Mt. Kenya

Hope this can be added as well - would especially love to see cadence from Apple Watch in Strava

Mt. Kenya

I am surprised that Strava as prime running and fitness app doesn’t importance key metrics from Apple Watch. Then how can Strava analyze my training results and help me to complete my training to reach my goal better. And when I connected my Apple Watch to Strava, it said Strava can get detailed workouts data from Apple Watch and gave me insight analysis and asked me to subscribe. I tried the subscription but just found even those key metrics are not captured. So disappointed. I will definitely cancel subscription if this feature is not available.