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Status: Gathering Kudos

Dear Team,

Please add Nordic Walking as an activity. 

There is quite a lot of Nordic Walkers out there, using Strava. We are neither walking, nor running.

Thank you for consideration.

Lenka 🇨🇿

Certified Nordic Walking Instructor

Mt. Kenya

Hi Lenka, NW lovers, others, 

on Slovakia is our community also growing.
I switch on Strava from Runkeeper and I defenatelly miss Nordic walking.
On Runkeeper you have special category not only for NW, but also for walking activities with kids 😀

Please add it, NW has hihgher callory burn than normal walking. Very close to running if doing seriously. 
And if you are doing both activities, you have a mass in datas. 

Many thank. 

NW forever 👍💪



Mt. Kenya

I'm competing in an 11km Nordic Walk event this week, and will have to record it on my Apple Watch as an Outdoor Walk, then change the name in Strava to Nordic Walk to get credit for the event. 

Hopefully Apple and Strava will add Nordic Walking as a selection soon!


Thanks in advance for the consideration.

Mt. Kenya

Yes, please add as an option. When I use outdoor walk as my option for Nordic walking - Strava doesn’t record the distance accurately. It usually cuts the distance in about half. 

Mt. Kenya

Also, I am in favor of adding "Nordic walking" at least as a subcategory. I competed in the European Championships in this discipline this year, so it has been a serious, separate sport for a long time.


Thank you, @Redaktorek , for support! There was a championship in Czechia this May, too! Nordic Walkiong is such a versatile activity.

Dear Strava Team, please, add Nordic Walking to this great app for all of us who love it so much!


Mt. Kenya

I agree. I'm a new member and I was surprised to find Nordic walking is not listed as an activity (and I can't figure out why not). According to the Cooper Institute, Nordic walking burns 20% more calories than regular walking at the same pace with no perceived increase in effort. I find that for me Nordic walking is much more enjoyable than regular walking because it involves my upper body as well as my legs. 

I use Exel Pro Curve walking poles and enjoy them a lot. Here in Victoria BC there is a fair amount of Nordic walking activity, but I do it solo rather than as a group activity. 

Mt. Kenya

Nordic walking is very different from walking, hiking or running. The upper body is mobilised to a great extent, and the calorie expenditure is therefore higher than with conventional walking.
Nordic walking fully deserves a separate category, like the distinction between cycling, gravel biking or mountain biking.
Thank you to the developers for taking into consideration this demand for a sport in full expansion.


Thank you for supporting Nordic Walking to be added as an activity! @BeachBumGuy @Laurafryar @Redaktorek @Leisureguy @GiraudManu most recently.

I agree with all your comments and reasons. Great to have like-minded people around 😊 If there can be cycling in at least three modifications, why does Nordic Walking need to "hide" under walking?

Please, add your thumb up to this post at the top). If you have, thank you so much! The ideas are considered based on likes, not comments... ANd you may bookmark the idea, too 🙂

And, please, share the idea, I believe we can make a change ❤🥢


Mt. Kenya

Hi there,

I also support to add Nordic Walking as sport. I‘m doing this in Germany over 10 years and was surprised not to find it in Strava. Pls. add.

Thx Guenther

Mt. Kenya

I wish/ suggest nordic walking as an activity in Strava, too- and I cannot understand that it was suggested already 1 year ago and nothing happened!!!🤨

Mt. Kenya

Indeed! There are lots of activities listed, but Nordic Walking is missing!! Please add it

Mt. Kenya

Yes, please, Nordic Walking spends 40-50% more energy than normal walking, hence should be a separate walking category. 


Mt. Kenya


De créer la marche Nordique comme activité. Application Running l à déjà fait.

Mt. Kenya

Nordic Walking would certainly belong in on the foot sports category, but has a different calorie consumption rate from ordinary walking, so it would be nice to be able to differentiate them. 

Mt. Kenya

Adidas Running (Adidas runtastic) now integrates Nordic Walking as a specific activity ! STRAVA must react as the leader App !