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Status: Gathering Kudos

Dear Team,

Please add Nordic Walking as an activity. 

There is quite a lot of Nordic Walkers out there, using Strava. We are neither walking, nor running.

Thank you for consideration.

Lenka 🇨🇿

Certified Nordic Walking Instructor

Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya


Mt. Kenya

Nordic Walking is very different from walking, hiking or running as various other people have pointed out. It deserves its own activity type under foot sports.

There also exists a competitive scene for Nordic Walking so it's not a niche at all.

Furthermore, it would be nice to view other people's Nordic Walking routes as the terrain type does matter for this sport

Mt. Kenya


This is my second comment to support Nordic Walking as a specific Strava activity. The app Running (adidas runtastic) has integrated Nordic Walking as a sport type since several months.... Stava, as the leading sport app, must react and also integrate Nordic Walking among the activity panel. 

Thanks for considering this request

Mt. Kenya

Strava seems to have no interest to add Nordic Walking. 

I am considering canceling my subscription.


Mt. Kenya

Il est vraiment dommage que la marche nordique ne soit pas considérée comme une activité sportive alors que les compétitions en France et dans de nombreux pays se multiplient ! 

Mt. Kenya

I agree the Lenka's great idea.

Please Strava, add Nordic walking 🥢💪🦵🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

Mt. Kenya

I agree. Nordic walking would be a good addition. Nordic skiing is on the list, so why not Nordic walking?

Mt. Kenya


Ja bitte Nordic Walking hinzufügen. Es ist eine Sportart welche sehr viele ausüben. In diesem Sinne bitte eine Kategorie Nordic Walking erstellen.

Vielen Dank

Mt. Kenya

Very disappointed to discover that strava simply ignore Nordic walking..  Adidas Running offer a way more complete list of activities.. 

I think I'll go for adidas as it also has paragliding.. 

why is strava presented as the #1 when so many activities are lacking ? (I think about via ferrata too, btw)

hard to make me decide to pay more for strava than adidas.. 

Mt. Kenya

Bitte bitte Nordic Walking als Aktivität aufnehmen!!!  🙏🙏

Mt. Kenya

I too would like Nordic Walking as a separate sport.  Like many others I record the exercise as a walk.  However by using Nordic Walking Poles I can walk quicker thus giving a false reading on any segments I cover on my walk.  

If anyone hasn't tried it I would recommend giving it a go.  By using poles you are giving more of your body a workout.  Plus you get there quicker. 

Mt. Kenya

It should be!!! I am suprised it is not yet… Please add

Mt. Kenya

Kudos from me!

NW is so much different than normal walk. We get 6 types of categories for rocket/padel sports plus few ones which are basically in place activities, yet cannot properly track training for dozens of kms.

Effort level is much greater than normal walk thus fitness level should be adjusted accordingly.

Some of the other forums suggest that NW activities should be marked as hiking, but if this should be a case in strava, I would love some official recommendation. 

Mt. Kenya

I do most of my fitness walking as Nordic walking, whenever I have my poles with me. It is a much different caloric and energy expenditure, and deserves to be logged accordingly, for accuracy.