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Status: Gathering Kudos

Dear Team,

Please add Nordic Walking as an activity. 

There is quite a lot of Nordic Walkers out there, using Strava. We are neither walking, nor running.

Thank you for consideration.

Lenka 🇨🇿

Certified Nordic Walking Instructor

Mt. Kenya

I totally support the idea. Nordic Walking involves more / different muscles than Hikking. Different calories are burnt. Also the speed is totally different then with stick-less walking.

Mt. Kenya

Needs to be a separate activity. Totally different from walking.  I'm fed up with having to falsely record my Nordic Walks as as Hikes to stop getting false records on segments.  

Mt. Kenya

For all the supporters out there, please remember to give a "kudos" below the initial post, so Strava team can hear our voice!

Mt. Kenya

As I'm doing sport within an athletics club in Germany I started to add my tracking to Strava. But always it's so annoying that I can not differentiate my Nordic-Walking tracking and statistics from the running, hiking and just have a walk (e.g. with my grandma or daughter). The Nordic-Walking is a real own sport here in Europe since decades. It trains a lot more muscles than only walking or running because it's done with extra sticks with a specific technique. There are also a lot of competitions in this sports around the year. Additional to that I would like to let you know that there is also a difference of the sticks between hiking and nordic-walking sticks. 

For the Strava-Team:


Please check out from the net there are lot of information about this topic. 
Nordic-Walking at wikipedia 
A German Science Page about this sport from Institute of technology - a german walking institut 
One of the many german main pages 
I found also some in other languages e.g. British Nordic Walking 

So PLEASE, you have to add this extra sport! It is more sport than some other which you have available already. If you have this kind of sport available I am willing to start a paid membershipt for me and my whole familiy. (My husband uses it for cycling, my 2 sons and one daughter for running, my parents are also a nordic-walker.) 

Mt. Kenya

Excellent idea. Just had my first session today, on a route I have walked and ran many times before, and it feels totally different and MUST generate different statistics?!

Mt. Kenya

Thank you for this. I shall spread the work.


British Nordic Walking Instructor

Mt. Kenya

Nordic walking is a sport activity in its own right, the world championships will take place in Finland in October. Nordic walking has a cross trainer action and works more muscles than a walk or a run. I use HIKE at the moment for activities, but I know it won’t be accurate for amount of energy used, because it won’t take into account the upper body action. There are many of us nordic walking instructors in the world teaching thousands of people the technique, and it seems a shame that there are so many variations of other activities: e bike, e mountain bike, gravel ride, hand bike…! There are far more nordic walkers than hand bikers for example so it should absolutely be an activity on Strava. Thank you 🙏 

Mt. Kenya

Thank you for your answers!
It's always a good idea to spread this idea to collect more likes otherwise we will not reach our goal!
I'll start this in my local walking community which not always using STRAVA as it doesn't support Nordic-Walking on it's own. 

Thanks also for the hint with the world championship in finland. 
For those who are interested here is the link for the 
Nordic Walking World Championships
I would join myself but sadly I'm on another trip at this time: hiking and Nordic-Walking in Sweden for 6 weeks. 

Let's collect more likes!!!

Mt. Kenya

This is my second post on this topic because I see that nothing has changed and there is still no Nordic walking activity. How can you distinguish sports such as padel, which is similar to tennis in terms of effort characteristics, and not notice how different the effort during Nordic walking is from ordinary walking or hiking? Absolutely - we look forward to adding Nordic walking to your Strava activities!