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E-bike mileage


I'm new to this site so apologies in advance if I'm unfamiliar with it

I have regular bike and e-bikes. I want both to count towards my annual goals (time and distance). I've been Googling for whether e-bike rides count, most replies suggest they do count, but clear from my total they don't (I can simply change an activity from Ride to E-Bike ride and see the totals change for YTD).

How do I get it to count everything short of calling everything a Ride (which messes up lots of other things)?


Moderator Moderator

Hello @doogle66 

Thanks for posting about this.  Since "ride" and "E-bike ride" are two different sport types on Strava, it's not possible to create a goal that contains just those two sport types.

A workaround though, would be to set a goal and select the "All Sports" option for the goal.  If you do that, any type of activity you upload to Strava will count towards that goal.  This should work well if rides and E-bike rides are the only sport types you upload.  If you also upload other sport types (for example run or walk) keep in mind that these will also count towards that goal.

For more information on e-bikes on Strava, including tips and tricks, please visit our blog post.  

I hope that's helpful, please let us know if that works for you.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Jane. I don't accept your reasoning. This is typical of Strava's "head in the sand" attitudes that has stopped me from taking out a paid subscription. For me, personally, I'm not worried about goals - I don't use them... all I want is for my personal distance total to include not only  my bike, virtual but also my e-bike totals. It would be very easy to classify all my e-bike rides as "Bike" but that would certainly screw up leaderboards.  


Hello all, hoping to bump this topic to the top of the forum again. I messaged support and got this response back: "E-bike, Handcycle, Velomobile, and Wheelchair activities do not count towards Ride and Run goals". Almost ADA discrimination. Nonetheless, the support rep was talking about "Goals" rather than the overall weekly total. Its my understanding all the posts in this thread are in regards to e-bike riding distance not counting in the overall weekly distance summary. Goals are 100% different. See picture attached. My point is that wheelchairs, e-bikes, walking, as well as all forms of exercise efforts should be counted in the weekly distance total. I am riding an e-bike while I recover from 4 broken ribs. I am putting in effort and it is disheartening, almost to where I don't want to pay for this app anymore, when I look at my profile and it does not show the 100+ miles I rode my e-bike last week without manually selecting "e-bike ride" instead of "All Ride". Hoping @Jane can pass this thread to the idea table. In the photo attached, I have over 100 miles not displayed in the last week, and the week before.  


Hi @flysolow 

Thanks for your comments on this.  You are correct that E-bike cumulative totals are not shown in the "All Ride" totals on your profile, but we do display them as a separate total.

Looking at the screenshot you posted, you would need to select the "E-bike ride" button to see the total of your E-bike distance.  

We do have an existing idea submission on this topic on our Ideas Board.  I would encourage you to add your vote (kudos) and any additional comments there.  

Thanks again for your input.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Flysolow makes exactly the right point here: my issue with Strava is not about setting goals, its about how the app calculates and shows distance totals. I want my ebike rides to count towards the weekly/annual distance stats. An ebike ride is a ride. There's an implict bias here towards those 'athletes' who are lucky enough to be able to do all their cycling unassisted. 


Im see plenty of push back on this for no good reason. 

strava should rectify this situation instead of saying reason why it isn’t all rides as the counting of virtual rides and real world rides makes a mockery of the excuses.



Mt. Kenya

I’m with the OP on this. I have a road bike, gravel bike, pedal assist e bike, mountain bike and another road bike indoors hooked up to Zwift. As a premium Strava member I expect all rides to be shown in the weekly ‘all ride’ graph and in fitness and freshness scores. I don’t see why the e bike is excluded from the ‘all ride’ tally. 


Hi I find it strange that my e-bike kms don't go to my weekly total when my virtual ride does. I ride road, mtb and trainer so I would like to see my total kms.

Mt. Kenya

Are “virtual rides” a different sport to “rides” and “e-bike” rides as well?

I’m not sure that I am clear on reason for the distinction. I do all three types of ride, as well as other sports that involve mileage. Is it because e-bike rides are classed as a different sport because some types of e-bike require minimal levels of effort, ie no pedalling effort? I use my e-bike for commuting and it provides some assistance on steep hills to compensate for the weight of what I am carrying (and the bike), and there’s nothing easy about these rides - my heart rate is well elevated, I feel like I’ve done a ride, but I am not a sweaty mess at the other end. Also, would this not also discriminate against those riding some sort of assisted bike due to health or age reasons?

Why can’t all ride types just be grouped within “rides” for progress stats etc?

I would agree. If you're measuring mileage it seems they all count (they do in Profile i think but not towards Goals). I think its so they can keep all the leaderboards, KOM's etc separate but I'm pretty sure there is simple enough fix to that that a software developer could write!

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