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Heatmap changes

Mt. Kenya

What have you done to Heatmaps?  I do not care about businesses, or where other people have run, walked, or biked, and the new color selection interface does not allow basemap changes from the same interface (as it should).  Also, as I zoom out, the once-useful aggregation of workouts (showing a circle and number at scales where the actual paths get tiny and useless) is now gone.  Writing this as a cartographer, recent changes are not an improvement.  Is there a way to recover the old display mode?


Mont Blanc

My vote to re-instate activity clusters as well. Feels like a downgrade not to have them.



Mt. Kenya

Hello! I do enjoy the new look and feel of the Personal Heatmaps, but really miss the filters by year. Each year, I would take a screenshot at the end of the year for my personal heatmap as a memento for that year's cycling, but with the new heatmap, having to select a custom date range is just enough friction to be really annoying. Also, the date range picker was acting wonky on my browser when I used it a few weeks ago. Haven't tried it again since. Anyway, that year filter was a great feature that I am sad to see gone in the new personal heatmap.

Mt. Kenya

Heatmap used to display total activity count in different countries/regions/cities on the map, this feature was great to track your activities around the world. Now you need to zoom-in exact location, and then it shows-up in the heatmap (and still doesn't show the count).

Could you please bring back this feature from before?

Mt. Kenya

Another vote for bringing back activity clusters

Mt. Kenya

The heatmap update is so bad I am considering after >5yrs cancelling my subscription.   

Likewise. They have until it expires this summer to bring it back. No idea why they have changed it.

Mt. Kenya

Yes, please bring back activity clusters to heatmaps. As someone who travels frequently it was one of my favorite features. Now it's next to impossible to find the various activities I've logged throughout North America and Europe. 

Mt. Kenya

The heatmap is one of my favourite features however I agree that the recent changes are a massive down grade. When zoomed out you no longer can see all the countries easily that you have covered and it takes a lot of zooming in before you even can see the activity. The old numbers were a great locator of where you have been but now you have to rely on memory to see where you have been. Please bring back the number count!!

Mt. Kenya

The new date selector in the personal heatmaps is a nice addition but please bring back the "year picker" to quickly select a year. 

With the new date picker it is really hard to quickly compare years. 

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