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Reduce social media friction

Mt. Kenya

Very often when using Strava and linking outside in anyway it has way too much friction.


1. sample 1 -BWR announces a new segment and posts the link. Upon click of link asks me to download app. It’s already downloaded. I click get app. It redirects me to the app, but to my feed,  it the view of the original links. Fix this. 

2.i post a Strava ride on instagram. People click it. They get the same login/ redirect issue.


if you platform wants to grow and stay relevant make it easy to post and share. Outsiders need to see some of the inside before experiencing high friction points. Look at instagram. Let’s you land on content then after time/ actions asks you to login.


asking for login and being high friction before social value is exchanged deters both posters  from sharing and lookers from seeing. 



I just tried in on the Iphone, clicking the segment link in an email has opened the Strava app with the segment directly.

Clicking reply made me login 




 try logging out and clicking the link 

Is being logged out of the Strava app a regular use case? I never logged out in ten years, why should somebody do that?

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