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Segment Popularity Threshold


1. Given that segments populate the map based on the number of users who have "starred" it, what is the threshold value in order for a segment to show up?

2. Also, why is this not based on the number of activities recorded along the segment over X number of days/weeks/months?

I had to dig to find out how STRAVA quantified "popularity" regarding segments, so perhaps a bulletin or article to inform the broader user base on the how/why certain segments show up in their map.



The problem is that the algorithm for segments being shown is completely messed up right now. I've made several posts about with examples but Strava doesn't care. It's like a clockwork now: the best segmetns containing the whole climbs for example are hidden while 101 random segments along the way are shown. Only segments being starred hundred of times before they messed up the algorithm survived.