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Welcome to the Community Hub - August Edition!

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Happy August!

Thank you for visiting Strava’s Community Hub. To all of our members, whether you just joined or have been with us for a week, a month or from the beginning, we are happy to have you here!

As we enter year two of the community hub, we want to send a THANK YOU to those who have posted their thoughts and ideas in this space. Some of your ideas have been delivered, discussions have been had and stories have been shared. I personally loved these stories from @ken and @1Danimal!
Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 8.40.07 AM.pngFor those who are new, or haven't yet posted, we welcome you to share your ideas or give a kudos to an existing idea, create or
join a discussion about existing Strava features, or talk about devices or connections, We really do enjoy hearing from you. If you don't want to create or comment on a post, give kudos! When you kudos a post, it lets other members know you appreciate their posts and lets us know what content you would like to see more.

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Ready to go? Just hop on in and introduce yourself, start a discussion, share your story or just kudos a post. We look forward to seeing you in the Hub!

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Mt. Kenya

I turn 72 years old on Saturday and have been an enthusiastic road cyclist for some 15 years now. I am overweight and really bad at cycling and too often have to deal with the starin of trying to understand why I abuse myself on the bike - especially on race days, of which there have been too many. It always seems easier before the start line and the strategy never works - no matter how many energy bars or bananas I consume. 

I try not to disappoint my fans and repeatedly have to remind them of the pressure of their expectations on my psyche. And at my age, it is difficult to grow hair - black or white! It just doesn't look good in the pictures! Of course I am also reminded that I need help dealing with the paparazzi - they just wont leave me alone no matter how quietly I try to compete. 

So from here on in, I will no longer sign any more autographs. I will no longer provide these "fans" with the opportunity to profit off my efforts. It is time for me to take my career seriously, without the distraction of outside actors, out to make a quick buck from my good name. I'm sure you'll understand.

I have therefor decided to join the Strava Community to share myself with people who care, and to inspire that Next Generation of overweight, shaved and primed athletes so that they can continue the proud tradition of pedaling along for the good of Humanity and SAVE THIS PLANET.

So now I greet you with humility and love - until next time! May the force be with you.


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