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Ideal flow for "Sign up with Strava"?

I have an app that is fairly integrated with Strava. I'd love to be able to have users create accounts via Strava directly, but it seems like the API doesn't expose email at all. This makes sense from a security standpoint, but it also makes the auth...

my by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! What does the Bike field in activities.csv mean?

I did a bulk export of my activity data the other day. The activities.csv file contains a numeric Bike field. Here's a little sample (I've already converted Distance to kilometers):"Activity Date","Activity Type","Kilometers","Bike""Mar 10, 2024, 6:0...

Skip by Shkhara
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Display map for real activity

Hi Developers,        I am want to show static image for the path of the activity done by strava users. Through strava api I get two polylines one is for summary and other is complete. Now how can I show the path using mapbox as I have used static ma...

Group Pages

Hi, I have recently started a group page and learning about widgets, posts and event invites.It seems I am unable to create a 'swim' event, only run or cycle. Is this correct? or am I doing something wrong?

Kinni FIT file upload issue (elevation)

Hello Team,We have incorporated the Strava FIT file upload via the Strava API ( into our app Kinni ( for a number of years. The uploads captured the elevation gain correctly until around mi...

Activityfix and average pace

Hello,I'm using ActivityFix and I have created a rule that on the title add my average pace, it works but my problem is that pace is shown in the format hh:mm:ss which is very inconvenient, I was wondering if there is a way to show it in mm:ss Does a...

Resolved! How to access the athlete's partial km

I searched the documentation and couldn't find how I can access partial km information.Example: 5km run1st km - 4.562nd km - 4.593rd km - 5.104th km - 5.235th km - 5.43There is a way to list all activities for a given period and have access to the fo...

RB by Shkhara
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Resolved! Create a route not working

Tried 2 different laptops (Chromebook and Mac) and the 'create a route' section is not working. There is no map visible, the page just seems frozen. I've turned the computers off and back on again, but still no luck.Any idea to solve this? Never had ...

GB6 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Phone restarting

Hi! I started using strava again after summer two weeks ago but my phone keep restarting while running during an activity. This never happened to me before. Does anyone know a solution?

raczkoma by Mt. Kenya
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