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Use Strava API to return Custom Waypoints?

I was interested to see the new feature Custom Waypoints on Strava Routes! I'm wondering how an app using the Strava REST API can query for the custom waypoints.What I tried:A request to didn't show the cu...

Resolved! GPX export timestamps

Hi, I'd like to know, if possible to get gpx export file other athletes with timestamps. If I'm trying it now, I¨m getting only coordinates and an elevation in trkpt elements. Thanks for a reactions.

skybedy by Shkhara
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Getting GPX from an activity

Hi Strava community!On my account, it is possible to manually export a GPX file of an activity (not a route, an activity). This GPX file can then be imported in another app (specific for biking stats for example).Is there a way to do it programmatica...

Eriatolc by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Historical Data from API

Hello, we are using STRAVA's api and in need to get the data of the user (even the data he had before authorizing our app). Is it possible or do you only allow us to get the data of the user that has been synced or uploaded to Strava after him/her au...

mauna by Mt. Kenya
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Make the activity response usable

Hello, I'm using the getClubActivities endpoint to keep a tally of individual rides in my club. I would like to limit the response to a certain date, or at least to a certain week (i.e. this week). Is there a way to do this? Getting the date of the a...

imadeous by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Domain change

I've built an application using a domain for webhook, for some reasons I've to switch to new domain, will this transition be smooth or should I request all my users to register again?

plgladio by Mt. Kenya
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Set activity privacy and map visibility via API

I think API write access for Activity privacy settings would be a useful addition to Strava because this would allow users to configure third-party apps to manage their Activity privacy settings with greater granularity than Strava offers through its...