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Resolved! Download all Photos of my own activities?

Hello, When getting an activity at `/api/v3/activities/9250597099` only the "primary" photo is returned. I have seen there is an endpoint `/api/v3/activities/9250597099/photos` but it only returns "placeholder" images.. Is there any way to retrieve ...

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 08.09.01.png
hpoul by Mt. Kenya
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Strava not reconciling duplicate activities

Users are complaining that their activities are duplicated/triplicated within Strava Apps, because they seem to increasingly use multiple recording devices (for example recording a Zwift ride with a Polar watch and Garmin bike computer, or recording ...

Cyril by Shkhara
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Documentation of Strava deeplinks

Is there some list of deeplinks for strava that is supported (and parameters allowed)? For example, the following two exist   strava://record strava://record/new/start   with the latter immediately starting to record an activity.

kratsg by Mt. Kenya
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API : filter athlete activity by type

Hi everyone, I’m working on a little dashboard to do some stats on my « bicycle to work » activities (i.e. global distance, fuel not used, etc) and I was wondering if there is a way to add a parameter to the getLoggedInAthleteActivities request so it...

Get public activity's of athlete

I'm trying to get some information of public activities but seems to be not easy.As spectated, work with my activities but not with public activities, using scope activity:read_all not working.Using activities with scope activities:read or read_all i...

Resolved! Get activity by id 404

Hey, I have started working with Strava API and on the beginning I have problem. I authenticate from my app using scope: read_all,profile:read_all,activity:read_all, I can get all my activities but when I'm trying to get one I have 404. I use http ge...

MateuszC by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Total amount of activities

I'm trying to grab my total amount of activities via Strava API. I see that this<athlete id>/statsProvides some stats like all_ride_totals, all_run_totals and all_swim_totals but I don't see the total amount of ac...

Screen Shot 2023-05-27 at 9.22.58 PM.png

Resolved! Bad Gateway when trying to upload TCX data

Is anyone else encountering a 502 Bad Gateway error when attempting to upload an activity using TCX data? While it was previously functional, the system is now displaying a message saying "Strava is temporarily unavailable. Please visit http://status...

Benji by Shkhara
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