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Cadence numbers from Strava API

Is the average cadence from the Strava API not showing steps per minute for runs? For some reason I'm not getting the same numbers through the Strava API for cadence and the Strava app which shows cadence as steps per minute. For example in one of my...

Resolved! Bikes Section Not Appearing with GET Athlete call

When I make the following call, I am expecting to see a bikes section at the bottom.curl -X 'GET' \...athleteAll I get is this:{"id": xx,"username": null,"resource_state": 2,"firstname": "xx","lastname": "xx","bio": "","city": "Toronto","state": "Ont...

nbt1032 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Deauthorize not work

Hi,I am deauthorizing my athelete from my app using power automate. I have used exactly below info on documentation page but not work.Here is the return response.{  "message": "Authorization Error",  "errors": [    {      "resource": "Athlete",      ...


Resolved! total_photo_count

All my activities are returning a value of 0 for total_photo_count even though they have photos. This was working until recently.. Any ideas?

dylix by Mt. Kenya
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Missing `best_efforts` in DetailedActivity reponses states that a `best_efforts` field should be returned. Presumably this would be a subset of the `segment_efforts` collection, but I am not seeing it returned in any queries in ...

Resolved! Return CO2 saved on /activities/{id} call

I have a personal project where I am creating activities based on rides taken on a bikeshare program. I want to be able to calculate the CO2 saved by taking this form of transportation, as I see this data in the Strava platform but it isn't returned ...

mikal by Mt. Kenya
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Missing docs in DetailsSegmentEffort docs are missing information:1. On what the `achievements` property is. Clearly a collection of entities, but the entity objects are completely undocumented.2. On wha...