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Inquiry: Utilizing Strava API for Activity Type Recognition

Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava Support Team & Strava Community,

I am reaching out to inquire about the capabilities of the Strava API regarding the recognition of activity types based on GPS track records & Heart Rate.

While examining the payload for creating activities via the API, I noticed that it includes types such as Run, Ride, and Walk. However, I am interested in whether there are specific API endpoints or methods within Strava's API that utilize analysis or AI to accurately determine whether an individual is walking, running, or traveling by vehicle based on GPS track records & Heart Rate. 

Our team requires precise information regarding the activity type (walking, running, or vehicle travel) to ensure accurate data interpretation and analysis within our application. Having access to such functionality would greatly enhance the reliability and usefulness of the data obtained from Strava's platform.

Could you please provide insights into whether Strava offers API endpoints or features that facilitate the determination of activity types through GPS track & Heart Rate analysis or AI? Additionally, any documentation or guidance on how to implement this functionality would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your assistance in this matter.



You have to rely on your users to provide the correct sports type. Strava has only barebones of trying to identify mismatches for autoflagging segment purposes and it neither works well nor it is available in the API.