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Problem about acces data

Mt. Kenya

Hello everyone

My name is Ionut, I'm a Qlik Developer, and I want to create an app with my data in this reporting tool. I created my connection, because I have a dedicate connector.


I can see one table with my data like this
But when I will try to access another table, I can't, and I need my gear ID, or club ID, or Segment ID etc, to access other tables


and so on
Can you help me to access my data with this connector, I really want to create an interactive app with my activity, I'm waiting your response
Thank you 😊





Pico de Orizaba

You need to use the getLoggedInAthlete API call to get information about the logged in athlete (in this case you). The data returned from that call contains a list of your clubs (club IDs) and gear (gear IDs). You can use those values in the other API calls to retrieve more detailed information.

As far as segment IDs, you need to find the specific segment ID you want to get more detail on. There are a few different ways to do that.