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Pause and Resume

Hi! Just wanted to ask if there is any way to pause and resume an activity (running or biking) through the API?Last I saw, there didn't seem to be a way, just want to see if this is still the case, or if there are any work arounds?Thanks!

ch_k by Mt. Kenya
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Add sport type to webhook events

First of all, I want to appreciate you for making the API publicly accessible. But day to day I face issues, or lack of features, that make integrating with Strava harder. I hope this one is not another thread unanswered (or poorly answered) as with ...

paleloser by Pico de Orizaba
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wrong pace Track session

Hello I noticed a discrepancy in pace/min during a Track activity if I compare Garmin Connect with Strava on the same activity.I am using during track session the dedicated Garmin Track run activity so it is pretty accurate by setting the right lane ...

Webhook documentation wrong

In the webhook documentation at I have noticed some usages of “”‘’instead of the correct""''It at least made me confused for a while until I figured it out.

trigger the elevation auto correction via API

my polar device's barometric altimeter is very inaccurate, resulting in completely wrong power estimates for activities and segments. it would be nice to be able to trigger the ... "adjust elevation" command of strava via API in order to use strava b...

Add date parameter in object array of ClubActivity

Hi Strava,I was trying to use API Strava to fetch data from Activity Club. The all data I need is success to fetched except date information. The problem is I can't sort the data based on time & I can't make performance graph for the member of club m...