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Include changes to time in webhook updates

I am developing a app that integrates with Strava and am in the process of converting from polling to using the webhook API. Currently it only posts updates on activity creation, deletion, or when two fields are updated, title, or type (and privacy)....

Fetching Activities within Rate Limit

Hello!I'm writing an application that requires storing information about new activities in realtime as they come in from athletes. I have been successful in getting the creation of new activities sent to my server through the web hook. New Activities...

One button record/ start

Could there be an option for a single button start?  I can't be the only one to return from a ride and found that I pushed the record button, but not the start button.  Not sure there needs to be a confirmation that I want to record.  That's the only...

Old_Guy by Mt. Kenya
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wrong pace Track session

Hello I noticed a discrepancy in pace/min during a Track activity if I compare Garmin Connect with Strava on the same activity.I am using during track session the dedicated Garmin Track run activity so it is pretty accurate by setting the right lane ...


I would like to show to my users that they are using the Strava API with limit (100 request per 15 minutes, etc.)The Strava API has HTTP response header for that : X-Ratelimit-Usage and X-Ratelimit-Limit I would like to use them in the HTTP javascrip...

Resolved! Api v3 Auth Error

Hi, I'm having problems exchanging the access code for the token.I'm in Android Studio in Java.First I load this URL into my Web View :String authUrl = "" + "client_id=" + clientId + "&redirect_uri...

Minapps by Mt. Kenya
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REST request

HiI want to do some REST requests. Is it possible to authorize without having to use the login screen?

plazu by Mt. Kenya
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