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Question about remove/update activity by API

ood afternoon! I am writing to you to ask a few questions. We are currently developing a website that is aimed at receiving training in the form of tcx, etc. and making adjustments to them. In particular examples: 1. Adding a distance to the workout,...

Rigeqy by Mt. Kenya
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API restrictions

The API request limit is 1,000 requests per day. I would like to know whether to limit only the uploads API or limit all APIs (refresh token, authorization, login...)

meilan by Mt. Kenya
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Get month activities of all members of a club

Hi,I wanted to create a webpage where all members of our club could see the monthly kilometers/elevation of each member, and a leaderboard too.I can't see where I get with the API, all the riding activities of these members for the current month. Is ...

caymard by Mt. Kenya
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Testing Strava Application Locally

I've seen that you're unable to have multiple sub-domains authorized for a callback URL on the application, but what about for testing locally?I'd love to test version my application on localhost but unfortunately it looks like I have to have an enti...

Resolved! 401 Error

I'm extremely new to this but after trying to get anything to work for 3 hours I thought I'd ask here.I'm trying to get activity data for a Python project. I've followed all the steps on the getting started doc and now I'm trying to use the requests ...

Jamzy by Mt. Kenya
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Need a help

I want to use strava api in my website using django rest .  But as a beginner I don't have any idea how to do it. Can anyone please give me idea how can I implement. Also please give all technical requirement for using strava api

gauri by Mt. Kenya
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Indoor elevation should be a separate stat.

Call me a purist, The frequency and magnitude of using indoor riding to build elevation stats seems like an insult to the very sport of cycling itself. Example, when a rider posts 3500+ climb on a 1 hour indoor ride, a stat they never don’t achieve l...

pjc by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! List of domains that the application uses

Hi All, I am looking for the list of domains that the application uses (e.g.,, etc...) or a list of IP addresses for the application. I need it in order to detect the traffic originated from Mobile users to Strava and allow this traffi...

Mauro by Mt. Kenya
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Randomly Not Receiving Webhook Events

For some reason, activities from Strava have been randomly not sent to our webhook after users finish logging their activities. We've seen multiple users of our application now who log the same activity day after day, and somedays we receive the even...