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access to Live Segments API

Hello,in the first line of the following link it is mentioned that:"Strava Live Segments is an API that allows users to compare their real time effort with Strava segment efforts on the...

problem when upload GPX file activity

hello!My name is Tobias and I have an app for cyclists in which I am implementing a functionality in which users can upload activities in GPX format to their account. I am testing the api service and I am having an error that I cannot remove. Accordi...

Unable to /get/activities

Hello,I assume I'm making a newbie mistake, but can't seem to see where the issue lies.1. I made a successful request to I receive the following response{token_type: 'Bearer',expires_at: 1695548372,expir...

Resolved! Timezone bug in this Portal

When typing a message, you get a message saying "Your content was auto-saved at x". The time here however is not using the user timezone. For example, I'm currently in Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+2) at 13:28 local time, but the message says "04:28 AM".

Invalid Code

After the using "" api i got the new code and everytime getting error Error: {message: 'Authorization Error',errors: [ { resource: 'Application', field: '', code: 'invalid' } ]}

Resolved! deleting activity automatically

I encountered a 404 while attempting to fetch an activity after getting a webhook request for creating an activity. I observe a pattern that occurs when creating an activity and it automatically deletes an activity that has a small time difference, I...

Resolved! 403 Error on /athlete/activities endpoint

 Hello everyone.I'm having an issue when trying to request user activities from the endpoint I get a 403 (Bad Request) error, although the client secret string and user access token are fine. Here's r...

jebrax by Mt. Kenya
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