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It looks like you're using a browser that Strava no longer supports.

Mt. Kenya

Hi, i have problems with my strava on PC/Web.. 

it always fails to display the page perfectly in the last 5 days, I've tried using chrome, incognito, and firefox all of them can't display it. One of the info on the page says: "It looks like you're using a browser that Strava no longer supports." I've checked my chrome version, it's the latest version.
is there anyone who can help me?


123 Im back in the room lol............FIXED IT.........Turned of my Norton VPN setting......and STRAVA was back to Normal , Turned VPN back on in Norton and its still working..........Give it a try

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And today it is working fine, no changes at my end. 🤷‍♂️

my problem is exactly the same

Hello Jane, this is Geoff in Belgium. 

I'm having the same problem, that is all the text is there, but the cascading stylesheets would seem to be not uploading. 

I'm using Chrome, Windows 11. My wife has a new laptop, same apps, and Strava works perfectly. 

Thank you for your help.

This continues to be a problem, but I can view the site as normal after a restart, cleared cache, and no VPN.  The site worked fine with VPN until a week or so ago.

The whole strava site to me, but in parts.

I could not see any 'maps' for those I follow in my activity feed., it would just show an icon.  However if I clicked on the activity it would display.

I cound not view the link for 'My Activities', training Calendar, freshness-Fitness.  It would display some of the headings of the page but none of the detail in the list box or calendar objects.

Mt. Kenya

Strava has started blocking VPN users.  My guess is that when it became widely known that Strava's prices vary greatly from country to country, users started using VPN's to sign up from lower priced countries.  Once again, no communication from Strava.

Thanks, it was the VPN.  Pretty annoying on Strava's part, but at least I can stop looking for other solutions.

Merci sfstudrunner ! Thank you a lot! I deactivated my VPN and Strava immediately works properly (not in HMTL text but in the classical graphic user interface). I had this issue on all my web navigators (Chrome, Edge or Firefox). But also with the website 


Dude.. that fixed me up too!  Awesome thanks


I had (and am having) the same issue.  I deleted all browsing data and cookies in Chrome and that did get the page to render correctly.  However... none of the maps for activities in my feed will display.. it just shows a little icon for Map

Also.. freshness/fitness, my activities, training calendar and other functions I use a TON are not showing any data at all.

is there a javascript setting we should be using