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Suddenly Strava isn't syncing with Polar

Mt. Kenya

I just got a new phone, not sure if this is the cause, but suddenly Strava and polar are not syncing anymore. I've uninstalled Strava, installed it again, restarted my phone and refreshed Strava. Still not syncing. What do I need to do?


Moderator Moderator

Hello @NaomiDom 

Thanks for posting about this and sorry to hear of the issue.  The first thing I recommend is check to ensure you're signed into your original Strava account on your new phone.  If you accidentally created a new Strava account on your new phone, you won't see your activities syncing into it.

To do this, sign out of Strava on the phone and sign back in, being sure to use the original email address and password you used when you set up your account.  If you know the email address but not the password, you can reset it.

Instructions to reset your password

Let us know if that helps solve the problem.



Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team