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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

Equestrian activities have, for years, seemed like an obvious gap on the platform


I've been annoyed to find equestrians ranking on cycling leaderboards because MTB was the closest category. So there's one reason for inclusion. 

It potentially would mark a departure into new territory... as far as I can tell, all sports listed so far are solely human sports, I haven't seen any human/animal sports. There are others contending for the addition of human/canine sports currently, and they have some compelling arguments.

I have mixed feelings about the potential ramifications of adding the human/animal sports because it kind of changes the scope of performance data that the app handles, and broadens the focus of what it means "to strava". Does that then open the door to animal-only sports?

I'm not against it, I'm just looking for more discussion and data regarding how equestians are using strava, etc.

Pico de Orizaba

I agree, it's interesting (for strava) to figure out where they draw the line. E-bike horsepower - yes; horse horsepower - no; windsurfer wind power and surfing wave power -yes; "sailing" windpower - no.

Adding the e-bike option removes the "pollution" of the cycle feed with assisted rides. As you say, Eric, one benefit is to make the most popular sports a clean feed.

I have previously suggested an "other" category for activities that people want to keep but that don't fit another category.

Pico de Orizaba

On reflection, an "other" category seems like a step that would help a lot of people who's chosen activity isn't included; so I've created a post about this to see if it gets kudos; although not sure how kudos works on this bit of strava...

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Mt. Kenya

I ride a race bike, mountain bike and my horse. Also like a walk in the woods. 
I like the argument of pollution because I now abuse ‘Hiking’. Looking at current expansion of the sport spectrum on Strava, I cannot understand objections. My criterion would be: all sports that create a trail, interesting for others to follow.