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I'm looking for a way to have these statistics included with my runs on strava.

I use strava to record my running and view statistics which is great.

First I started using the strava Apple Watch app but it didn't include these extra statistics. I know for example Garmin watches can sync these data to strava running activities, but don't want to buy a new watch and wondered if this is also possible with my Apple Watch. I found out that the workout app on iOS 16.1 and Apple Watch 9.1 includes this data, but not all data is synced to strava .

Is this already on the roadmap or hopefully a good idea to add :)?

Kind regards



UPDATE FROM STRAVA (March 18, 2024)

Hello and thank you to everyone who has added their comments and feedback to this topic.

First, we want to say that we appreciate you all reaching out on this matter and sharing your thoughts. We absolutely understand the value of having as much of your activity data on Strava as possible, and how many of our athletes use an Apple Watch to record that data. We do want to let you know that we are committed to improving both the Strava Watch app experience and the integration we have with the Apple Workout app (Healthkit). 

Our team is pushing forward to streamline and improve the user experience with the Strava watch app, making recording and syncing activities easier for athletes. We are also investigating how best to bring over more data from Healthkit to Strava, particularly with the releases of watchOS 9 and watchOS 10. 

We will continue to work towards these goals and monitor this thread. Please be on the lookout for improvements to the Apple Watch experience in the coming year. 

Mt. Kenya

I’m a developer and work with very similar data integrations for enterprise systems. This change is actually very simple. Strava have to be actively ignoring this as an issue.


I'm a developer, too—I don't work with similar data integrations, but I do have enough experience to think long and hard anytime someone says "This should only take 15 minutes!"

That said I agree this shouldn't be too hard. I wonder if there are other reasons. Maybe Apple Watch users are not that big of a group among cyclists who care about power meter data, who may use other brands. Or maybe Strava has deals in place with those brands who don't want the competition.


To be fair the issue become a problem since Apple Watch can pair with power meters with watchOS 10 in September, but it guess developers had Beta months in advance


"Maybe Apple Watch users are not that big of a group among cyclists who care about power meter data, who may use other brands."

Except Apple added this feature to its watches . . . so it must have seen a market.  And obviously Strava users, especially paid subs, are kind of data geeks who want this stuff.

So why can't Strava add a way to get power data - alongside the cadence, speed, and HR data that *does* sync - over from an Apple workout?  It's just laziness or sloppiness.

Mt. Kenya

dropped my premium subscription - which i've had since 2012 - today. I don't understand why you guys are totally silent on adding basic functionality to such a huge platform. if there's a deal with garmin or wahoo preventing it from happening, SAY SO and accept the consequence if your users believe it's unsavory. it's beyond weird for y'all to just pretend this isn't a thing. 


I have really good news—Strava may not be interested in adding this feature, but I've found a workaround.

There's a really nice iOS app called HealthFit. It can upload rides that were recorded with Apple Watch to Strava, and it uploads both cadence and power. It costs $6 but you're supporting an Indie developer and it does the job, and the app itself is also really nice. I tested it tonight and it works perfectly. Check it out! 

(The fact that some Indie developer got this working supports @bnecyclist's point that this is not a difficult feature to add. I'm happy this exists but it only increases my unhappiness with Strava's heel-dragging on this issue).

Mt. Kenya

RunGap app also functions as a great workaround. 


Of course there are workarounds . . . but why should one have to use a workaround or pay for a third-party app to move the data . . . when there already is direct movement of other data (distance, HR, etc.)


Well, I'm writing at someone who bought a power meter and just wants the data in Strava and had no idea there were workarounds. It's frustrating that they obstinately refuse to ingest it, but what I want is for it to work.

Mt. Kenya

Why doesn't Strava respond to all our calls on this hub?


My conclusions; 

- I'll let me Premium Strava subscription run out (I only use it for the social aspect pretty much anyways, had the one year subscription). To be honest, even without this feature, I think Strava is overpriced

- Apple Watch power data can be exported by the HealthFit app to Strava 

- Conveniently, HealthFit (7 Euro one time payment) and Apple Fitness supports power zones, so I can do what I need to do 


I’ll add this: fat bike winter riding uses so much more watts that non winter.  It’s a real deal for many of us fat bike riders in the northern areas.  Fatter tires, studded tires , very low tire psi - some down  to 2-3 psi.  
We do this for months at a time.

174 avg real watts at slow pace vs 60 avg watts Strava is a huge difference 



Mt. Kenya

I am a vision impaired para athlete and the Apple Watch is the most accessible device for me to record my outdoor cycling on a tandem with my cited Pilot. I record all my rides on the watch and I’ve recently purchased the power petals by ASIAMO. It would be great to see the power from my petals upload to Strava as well as cadence And all the other data that is already captured by the cycling workout on the watch. Please make this happen as having power read out to me on my watch and then being able to send it to the coach is critical to my training. Thanks so much. 

Mt. Kenya

Starting in watchOS 10, Apple Watch devices can natively collect speed, cadence, and power data from Bluetooth sensors for cycling workouts. As many other commenters have stated, it seems intuitive that such data would be imported to Strava along with our workouts when other wrist devices are already doing so. There is a large user base of folks who already own and use an Apple Watch who would benefit from seeing this data in our Strava analysis, making our subscription immediately more valuable without having to spend a single dollar on hardware beyond what we already have.

Mt. Kenya

Strava, this is embarrassing.. how couldn't you fix this already for that many years!?