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Cycling Actual Speed

Mt. Kenya

Is there any reason why Strava doesn’t display the actual speed during my bike rides. It shows the average which updates every so often but I want to be able to see the ‘actual’ speed during my journeys.




With a Strava subscription, you'll see your live speed on the recording screen and as a free athlete, you will see your average speed. At this time, there is no way to customize which speed is displayed on the recording screen even if you have a subscription. If you pause your activity when you have a subscription, however, you'll be able to see your average speed.

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You all should make sure this information is available on your support section of the website. It took me a long time and the help of Google to find this answer to my question! I'm sure others are searching for the same. 

his is totally unacceptable. The idea of paid features is understood, but live speed is too basic to charge money for. I ended my 1 year subscription a short while ago and was surprised to see you have included live speed as a paid feature. From my point of view, this is an unethical step and a non-legitimate pressure of a community app to prevent such basic info from non-subscribers. It is not even wise. If a person does not recognise the wealth of the paid features as a good enough reason to pay, do you think this "punishment" will make him or her pay? Most probably it will cause one to consider using another app. 

I am asking Strava management to reconsider this non-community change, and give us our live speed back!

Not showing live speed is really weird, I concur, but it isn't a change. I don't think there ever was a time when the app showed live speed for non subscribers, but I can't speak for the app version 10 years ago or older. Everybody who needs it and doesn't want to buy a watch, a bike computer or a subscription just uses another app for recording like Wahoo Fitness. Those apps usually can upload the activity to Strava afterwards.

I'd prefer to see my average speed, especially since the screen is turned off most of the time, but even if I have trial period of premium, I can't change the data field settings or don't know how. That's ridiculous...

I would also prefer to see my average speed.  I do not have a paid subscription. Until this week it defaulted to the average speed.  Now it's defaulting to my live speed.  Any idea how to have it go back to my average speed being displayed all the time?

Thanks for sharing your comments, everyone. I'd like to point out that there is an existing idea you can vote on that proposes that subscribers should have the ability to view both average and live speed/pace during an activity recording. Feel free to vote and comment on it: Display the average ride speed in the mobile app for premium users
A reminder: if you are on a subscription trial or have a subscription, hitting pause on the activity recording will display the average speed/pace.