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Make Segment Creators Visible (Feature)

Mt. Kenya

Don't you think it would be cool to see who actually created each segment (and to have that person's name displayed on the segment detail page). Strava is about the social connection among users, and this feature would increase that social aspect.

A reason to have this feature is that if there is an issue where a segment on a trail/road no longer matches the exact trail/road section due to modification of that trail/road over the years. It would be a lot better if that existing segment could be deleted and then re-made with the updated trail/road. This would allow people to know who the segment creator is and contact them to delete the current segment so an updated one can be created to match the updated trail/road. I do not like the idea of creating a new segment as is (with the old segment still in place), as this would be confusing and not look very good on the map.

Another reason to have this feature is if the original segment creator can't be bothered or is no longer active on Strava. There are an awful lot of segments that ought to be deleted for various reasons, perhaps a lot of these should be relegated to "private segments". Also, there clearly needs to be human input as to which segments are out of date or unsafe, or just daft. One user suggested to propose some sort of voting system where certain segments are promoted to become "community segments" and these would then be maintained by all local riders rather than some anonymous creator. There are far too many poorly created segments out there, they are either unsafe or of dubious competitive value. They slow down Strava servers and are essentially spam segments.

My last reason why I think it would be great to show the name of the segment creator is to potentially be able to promote a certain real-life club, group, or individual trail/road. Maybe it would be cool to even have a page where it shows a map with all the public segments that a user created. This could allow people to discover new trails/roads that they never thought existed.

I'm sure there are many other reasons why this feature would be great to have as well. Please share your thoughts!


Mt. Kenya

Typically the trail builder would name and create a segment, but not all trail builders want to be identified, especially if the trail is an unsanctioned one. 

A very small percentage of segments are created by trail builders.  Only a fraction of those would be ones created by people illegally building trails.  Really, we should not base a decision of whether to do something or not because someone illegally building trails might not want their name seen.  They shouldn't be building the trail in the first place without it being permitted.  If they want to do that and still keep their name out of things, just don't be the one to make the Strava segment.  It's really very simple.

Your opinion, and you’re obviously one of those guys that never build just complain about others work. If all the ‘unsanctioned’ trail segments were taken off Strava you would have hardly any segments. Strava is a **bleep**show, segments are kind of a joke as no GPS times across devices are on a level playing field, making a mockery of KOMs and QOMs. Now if you will excuse me I’m going out to do some trail work and ride, much more acceptable to me than wasting my time on here. 👋🏻

Mt. Kenya

@elliott_holt Nice request, I agree with most points. I think Strava needs a system similar to Trailforks. In my local area there are a lot of old short segments. One of them is a pump track! Actually it's funny when I get a KOM there going 163km/h average. As you pointed out there are a lot of outdated segments that need modifications or removal/going private. There are also segments that do not follow recommended guidelines, so taking competition there doesn't make much sense. I can create my own "right" segments but seeing several mostly identical segments in the results is annoying

Mt. Kenya

In the old Strava community the request to be able to contact the segment creator was for a long time the most upvoted suggestion. It would solve soooo many problems with duplicates, incorrect, corrupt or out of date obsolete segments. While Strava is responding to everything else like adding grocery shopping to activities etc they have as far as I know constantly ignored this very valid request. No one knows why.  Should be super simple to implement.

Mt. Kenya

I agree, I think something along these lines is needed. I wrote the below response to the other similar thread and will post it here as well.

I am one of the trail stewards for a local park and sometimes trail sections are closed or rerouted. Sometimes people make new trails by riding down a hillside and then create a segment for it. We go in and remove the trails, but the segment still exists with no way to remove it. This draws unnecessary attention to the old route and can cause extra work for us if people attempt to re-open it. At the very least there should be a feature to archive old segments that are no longer relevant due to trail changes. This could be done either by contacting the creator, or with a voting system (some min number of votes to archive). I would also be in favor of local admins, but at least for mountain biking they should be people involved with the trails somehow.


I made a very similar post earlier today.  Lots of good reasons to know who the creator is and have a way to reach out to them, even if it is through a proxy to maintain their privacy.