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Remove "walks" from running challenges and expand challenges for walks


Walks have been added to running challenges as of January 2024 and as a person who does both run and walk acitvities as separate sports, this has ruined the experience of challenges in the app for me, and in general.

My walks are no counting towards running challenges which rightly used to be separate. They are separate sports.

I found an idea here from last year where somebody requested the opposite and now it has been implemented. From their point of view, they were lesser abled and some walks "felt" like runs to them, which i acknowledge - however, the solution there is ti simply record a running workout on your device, not a walk.

To improve the experience for walkers then more 5k, 10k and monthly mileage challenges can be set up to keep it interesting. 

Last year I really enjoyed tracking my walking challenge and sepaately doing the running challenges. 

Now there are fewer challenges in total which seems like the app is getting worse, not better.

Also importantly need to point out that runs are not included in the walking challenges.... I guess that's the real punchline to this joke.


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Thanks for this

i can see it for Feb and current month now!  Would be great to see previous data   Just need 6 people to vote on it and I’m sure it will happen 🙂


Hey Strava!  Does running count for the walking challenge??  Seems about right.  If walking counts as running in the running challenge, why does running not count as walking in the walking challenge?  

This is a really good point, and another oversight.


That's it I just cancelled my subscription because of this stupid rule, and because the mods don't have the courtesy to respond to us here. I'll just switch to Garmin Connect full time.

Garmin Connect has some good features AND they don't require a subscription fee. I've found their route making features to be more useful than Strava's were.

Strava why are you ignoring all of us who have told you that we’re canceling our subscriptions because of the changes to the running challenges? What else can we do to make you listen to us? You’re actively losing subscribers!


The challenges have been made much easier - perhaps this idea could help Strava and us meet in the middle?

Mt. Kenya

As a runner and a walker, I can’t understand why my walks should be included in my run challenges! They’re two completely separate activities. I dress completely different and the motivation needed for runs is completely different. I work hard for those run challenges, and would love to see longer distance walk challenges, but they’re two separate entities! Please separate them again.  

I totally agree that these activities use to be seperated, and it also ruines the challenge for me.

I think maybe it's done by Strava, because there is a premium option, in the paid version, for controlling your monthly goals, and the run challenge (for example 100k/month) could be an option to sail around opting in for the paid version.....

if that's the reason, then it has backfired, because it has lead me to cancel, and I stated in my cancellation that it was because of this and the dumbing down of 'challenges' in general.

I don't really use all the extra features of the subscription, I did it to support the platform, but support works both ways. 

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