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Resolved! Switch routes private-flag

Hi, is there a possibility to switch all stored routes from private to public? Does anyone now how to do. To edit a route and switch while store the changes is well known, but not possible for more than 250 routes.

Resolved! Missing person / Search and Rescue

Hi,I'm a long time user of Strava. But lately a missing hiker have been missing in my nearby area.And few questions remain about what could have been done, with the use of the community.Discussions and community process over rescue are not easy, and ...

gthimus by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Leaderboard confusion ?

A little while ago Strava added the classification of "CR" for bike leaderboards (and presumably for other Activity types) in addition to KOM and QOM.  So we have CR for the fastest ever performance, KOM for fastest male and QOM for fastest female.  ...

Ian by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Athletes in my feed I did not ask to follow

I have athletes showing up in my feed that I did not ask to follow and I do not know. This started about 3 days ago. I did not make any changes to my settings and am unfollowing each one as I see them, but is this a bug? Was there an update I missed?

NDrides by Shkhara
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Resolved! Publish post not an option on my club page

Hi there - I was able to publish posts but having tried today after putting in my content the 'publish post' button isn't live which is really odd. Can anyone help me please? Thanks, Shona

YMRTC by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Group Challenges - end point

I'm participating in a group challenge setup through my company, but have a query regarding what constitutes the challenge being complete, e.g.Rowing target :1500km, challenge end date 12 SeptIn the above scenario, if the distance target is hit befor...

tlough by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! App notification

*First, the following screenshots are in German, hope this won't be a big issue.*When I recevie Kudos or a close friend (marked as favorit) uploads a new activity I am notified by a push nofification on my mobile.When I tap on this message I am direc...

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-17 um 08.52.18.jpg Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-17 um 08.53.18.jpg
cy-linder by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Wahoo system automatically uploaded as virtual ride

When Wahoo system uploads a ride to Strava, Strava should upload it as a virtual ride by default.Strava already auto detects different types of ride based on Garmin ride profiles (gravel, MTB, road, etc), why not just do the same logic for everything...

Resolved! Illegal segments

Is there a way of flagging an illegal segment, e.g.Clearly states cycling forbidden,without actually riding the segment yourself illegally? I know a few illegal and dangerous to Walker segments that should be flagged but I seem to only be able to fla...

Andy1 by Mt. Kenya
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