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Welcome to the Community Hub, April 2024 edition

Happy April and welcome to the Hub! We want to extend a warm welcome to those of you who are new to the hub and a big thank you to those of you who have taken the time to join, read and post; we appreciate each one of you! For those of you in the nor...

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 6.53.00 PM.png Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 7.14.32 PM.png Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 7.38.28 PM.png
Scout by Moderator
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Resolved! Unclaimable Challenges

   I have come across too many challenges on Strava that make it impossible to claim any prizes though deceptive practices for those who make the challenges. Has anyone delt with this issue before? I currently am dealing with "The Feed" for the secon...

Resolved! Flagging a segment

HI everyone , i realise this has been discussed before but I've just done a segment in singapore and it seems like the first 20 ppl in the segment could be flagged as most have a running pace of 2:12 ish. it seems flagging is an activity on its own. ...

Gtrain by Mt. Kenya
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Tuesday Chat with Team Strava featuring NOMNOMS!

NOMNOMS defined:  1. the sounds one makes when eating something incredibly tasty  2. the unofficial dog mascot of Strava 3. A delicious taste of a food product or drink. Let's take a closer look at #2. Nomnoms became part of the Strava family in earl...

Scout_0-1675799554636.png Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 2.56.35 PM.png Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 2.55.42 PM.png Scout_3-1675799554628.png
Scout by Moderator
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1000km on Zwift

... and that in one piece.That's my plan for December 2nd and 3rd at the Bike24 store in Berlin.And all for a good cause, namely clean drinking water in East Africa.If you want to know more' or want to ride your own time...www.maazel.dehttps://ruhrri...

Maazel by Mt. Kenya
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Strava & Profitability

Please figure out a way to profitability. I can’t imagine a world without Strava and I don’t want to. If you need to charge more, do it. I think we all appreciate what this means to millions of people. In my opinion this is the last, and best, well-l...

RS by Mt. Kenya
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Countdown to 2023 - Week 3! 🎁📣

Hello Community Hub                                    Middle of the December is here - and with that, we have entered the third and final week of our Countdown to 2023! Last week in Community Hub we had a guest blogger @kartoone writing about his To...

Week 3 final.png
Lola by Moderator
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New here? Come say hello (January 2023)

Hello and welcome to Strava Community Hub! We love getting to know all of our new members every month, so if that happens to be you, we are excited to hear a little bit more about you. If you're comfortable, here are some points to share:  Your name...

IMG_0430small.jpg IMG_1343.JPG IMG_1343.JPG
Soren by Denali
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Resolved! Format of Distance and Time in Excel Export

It seems that after my Export of my Data to Excel, I am getting a huge number for Time (seconds?) and what may be the distance in kilometers (see below).How do I get the Elapsed Time field in hours:minutes:seconds so I can tally and format in Excel?H...

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