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Thanks for stopping by the Hub. We’ve had a great start to 2024 and the Strava Community Hub team sends a big welcome to all the members that have joined this year. And to all our returning members, thank you for all your contributions to the Hub; we enjoy reading and sharing your posts. Feel free to comment below and introduce yourselves; we'd love to hear from you. But before heading to the comments, you can read about some sporting events that you can tune into this month...

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February brings us one of the most competitive events in swimming: The World Aquatics Championships. This year’s event will be held in Doha, Qatar, from February 2-18. Athletes will compete in six aquatic disciplines: swimming, diving, high diving, open water swimming, artistic swimming, and water polo. Want to watch the events, check out this page for how to view the World Aquatics Championships in your country. 

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 9.39.03 AM.pngIf you’re in the US, you’ll find many sports fans glued to their TV’s on Sunday, Feb. 11th watching the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs for the 58th Super Bowl. If you are not into watching American Football, this is a good day to head out for an activity. You may find your path/trail/route with less traffic than normal.

Do you have plans to watch either of the events above? Any other plans for the month? Maybe join or create a club? How about a half marathon or a gran fondo? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Hi, thanks for the warm welcome. I've brought you some virtual marshmallows to toast on the campfire...
I think I speak for many equestrians in England and Wales when I say we were really hopeful that the Strava pixies might see the light at the beginning of this year and add any equestrian activity to the vast list of 'sporting activities' supported.
Why is it especially important to record horse riding and driving activity?
Because many local governments, planners and policy makers in England and Wales are having to draw up active travel and leisure routes, they need some sort of record of usage of existing public rights of way. Traffic is faster and thicker on rural roads than it ever was and off-road tracks play an important part in enabling us to enjoy our chosen activity in safety and without fear of abuse, agressive, inconsiderate and ignorant behaviour from people driving motor vehicles.
Many equestrians identify as cyclists and runners on Strava: the downside of this is that they leave no evidence of equestrian use on their routes so planners can forget we exist and lovely rnew Training for competionsTraining for competions


Enjoying the countrysideEnjoying the countryside


Traditional transportTraditional transport


outes are built without facilities for us (we don't need much).
I identify as a velomobile: I've never seen a velomobile in my life, so I conclude that there must be a lot of Strava pixies who drive velomobiles or they wouldn't be included, would they?

May I mention that over 80% of equestrians are female; about 60% of carriage drivers are over 45 and a significant number are over 60 (BHS and ICD-UK stats)? So isn't it mysogynistic and ageist to exclude equestrians? (CyclingUK - 70% cyclists are male and they cover four times the yearly mileage of female cyclists.)
Many female equestrians report feeling much safer when alone and on a horse than on a cycle or walking in the countryside.
So we wait, hopeful that, one day, a Strava pixie (or partner) might get on a horse or go for a carriage drive and realise that there's more to it than just sitting; that keeping and exercising their horses and ponies inspires older people to stay active, be sociable, be mentally and physically healthy. I can't believe it's beyond the pixies' capabilities to enable an equestrian sporting activit - er, is it?
OK, so thanks for listening, if you have been. I recommend the pink ones.