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Pagination parameters does not extract all club activity records

Mt. Kenya

To provide some background context, I am currently running a sports challenge that utilizes Strava Clubs to track participant's activities. For a particular club, it has accumulated a total of 1032 activities, and right now I am only able to extract 200 of these activities by using page=1 and per_page=200, however when I move over to page = 2 and per_page = 200, it gives me a random number of workouts (in this case 5 activities) and when I move on to page = 3 and per_page = 200, there are no more records. The pagination parameters appear to not work as intended.

My concern here is that the activity data are missing and it impedes me from tabulating scores to then show the participants who contributed the most to their clubs.

Here are some images provided to help fellow developers and gurus understand the code. I am using Postman to extract the data and a visualizer code that converts the JSON data into a table.



Upon the third image, it is observed that the GET request isn't returning any form of data.

It would be great if any assistance can be provided as the data is required to be processed the following day (16/04/2023). I only ran into this limitation on 14/04/2023.


Moderator Moderator

Hey damnddaniel, thank you for the post.

Take a look at our api information on clubs as well as our documentation on Pagination. If you are still running into issues, please reach out to


STRAVA | Developer Hub Team

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