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Could the Apple Strava phone app use heart rate from Apple Watch?

Pico de Orizaba

Would it be possible to use the heart rate sensor from an Apple Watch to sync with a ride recorded on the Strava iPhone app? 


Moderator Moderator

Hello @Padge 

Thanks for posting about this.  The Apple Watch cannot be used as a heart rate sensor for activities recorded on the Strava iPhone App.  In order to upload your Apple Watch recorded heart rate data, you would need to record the activity using your Apple Watch.

You can pair a compatible bluetooth heart rate sensor with your Strava iPhone App if you wish to record with your iPhone.  See more information here on how to do it and what's compatible.  

I hope that's helpful information - please let us know!


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Shame - Goodbye Strava.



This sucks, Nike Run Club is able to do this, I want to use Strava but guess I have to wait 🙄

For cadence I need to keep my Wahoo Elemnt record, and if I want Heart rate I have to record on Strava on my Apple Watch at the same time. Then after I have to find which is the Apple Watch workout, screenshot it and add it to my Wahoo workout, then delete the Apple Watch one or it throws all my aggregate distances/workouts off. As a result I get multiple challenge completed texts and emails regularly and It’s a colossal waste of time and a nuisance. Strava, Apple Health and Wahoo have the data and other apps have proved that they can be collated into one record. Please stop being proprietary and add this function, or even better give us the option to include each element of the data these three connected, iPhone-interfacing Bluetooth devices record.

Would be really great if it WAS possible to use the Apple Watch as just a heart rate monitor for Strava on iPhone. Works great for Runkeeper - and is one of the big advantages for iphone/iwatch users to select Runkeeper over Strava. 

Just cancelled the subscription, I don’t want to have to use other apps or buy new equipment to do what the iOS built in app will do. I liked the mapping but that can be done with other apps I already use. I wanted Strava to be able to have everything all in one place but that does not seem to be a priority for the company at the moment. 

Any news on this or do I need to go back to RunKeeper?


The moderator just keeps posting the same tired response. No update on implementing  this simple fix!

No, it’s not helpful information. Why don’t you stop copy/pasting the same answer and tell us *why* the Strava iPhone can’t display heart data from the Apple Watch?

Just trying out Strava and am really surprised that this functionality still does not exist.  Really no point in paying for the app when I can just continue using the iphone workout app with levels for analysis.  Hope you get this fixed in the future, will be cancelling after the trial.  

I just subscribed but shocked to see i cannot use my apple watch to record my heart rate real time. this is a huge part of my workouts. I hate cheat straps and having to buy additional devices bc an app wont use my highly accurate and comfortable apple watch readings. This feels like an oversight as im sure im not the only one who uses an iphone. i may unsubscribe over this   i hope you guys can add apple watch at some point