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End of activity cut-off when syncing



I hope I've put this in the right place.

I've been using Strava for several years, but earlier this year got the Pixel Watch to make my tracking more accurate, to give heart rate etc.  I use the Strava App on the watch and use it for both running and cycling.

Usually, it works well, but on fairly regular occaisions (maybe once a week), I notice that after the activity has uploaded to Strava, the last half mile or so is cut off.  The run is still tracking when I get home, so its not a case of me accidentally hitting 'end' or anything like that.

Geographically, it always seems to cut off in the same sort of area - so I'm wondering if there's something interfering with the signal - but that doesn't really make sense to me as it doesn't happen every time, and normally the tracker wouldn't cut off the activity, it would just keep going until it found a new signal.

I don't know if this is a Strava issue, or a Google Pixel issue, but it's becoming frustrating and I wondered if anyone else had a similar problem.




Hello, and thanks for sharing this. Sorry to hear you're occasionally experiencing issues with your activities being cut off near the end when recording with your Pixel Watch. We've escalated this post to our Support team so we can look into it further.

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Mt. Kenya

Any update on this issue? Did one find a temporary (manual) solution yet?


Interesting, why this topic status is SOLVED?!

The problem is NOT SOLVED! Hey, Strava agents! 

Nothing is SOLVED... Shame on you strava guys

Mt. Kenya

I have same problem with Sigma Rox 11. The .fit file always cuts off last few kilometers. On Sigma data center everything is OK, but when I export .fit file and upload it to Strava, last 4 or 5 km are being cut off. If I export .tcx file and upload it to Strava, there is no problem. 

So problem is with reading .fit file. From Sigma app on phone it always share (I think) .fit file because every activity which is shared automaticaly is cut off. If I want to have exact data on Strava I have to do it manualy and upload .tcx file. 

Mt. Kenya

I have a similar issue when syncing my Polar pacer pro to Strava. In mode 'race' time/distance is correct, but autherwise (when automatic pause on/off) strava interprets more pause times and hence time is shorter hence speed faster. I tried manual export/import with .fit file but that gives the same result. This problem started appearing somewhere last year, before I did not have this issue.

Perfect! This is important information. That's means the "cut-off" problem is on Strava end. Strava support should to know it. 


I believe it is not a Sigma problem - there were changes on the Strava side and some other devices also have te same problem

I believe in that too, but Sigma should have interesting in solve it


I believe it is a Strava error as some other devices have the same problem.  Garmin works fine with Stravam but I am not buying a Garmin - on the Munga many Garmins gave navigation problems but Sigma worked fine.

The work araond is to download your ride from Sigma Data Cebtre to a TCX file and uplaod that into Strava.  Then the breaks are not affected.

I have a paid Strava subscription but will not pay again