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Vastly different power numbers on Strava vs Wahoo

Mt. Kenya

Some background:

1. A ride showing 190+ average (220+ NP) on my Wahoo App shows up as below 140 on Strava.

2. Whaoo normally does not count zeros, but i turned ON that setting. So now, Wahoo should be counting the zeros same as strava

3. My max power on wahoo/strava matches.

Why could it be 50+ watts different?



Mt. Kenya

Same here,

Elemnt roam, quark powermeter or 2inpower.

i lose about 30 watts on average, especially on rides with a bigger difference in power delivery. So it seems to have something to do with counting zero’s.  

Mt. Kenya

Mine is even worse... I use assioma power pedals and they post exact wattage to my Wahoo element app but something gets lost in strava.  This morning i was at 212 avg watts on Wahoo and it posted as 11 watts as my avg power in strava. Been happening for months and keep waiting for an actual answer but so far nothing...

Mount Logan

At first I would compare the moving time between the Wahoo App and Strava. Maybe Strava didn't include some sections with a high power output due to GPS problems or very slow speed.

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