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Convenient way to use Fitness & Freshness?

Mt. Kenya

I subscribed to Premium mostly for the extra features. But I find them not very user friendly. 

I have to either go to the browser and find the page, or open the app and navigate a few steps to find F&F. Would there be any way to find my fitness score or effort via  widget or notification or even API request?

The app could give some daily report to help you train more or less. Counting kilometers is really not useful.



Moderator Moderator

Hello @GutoAmorim 

Thanks for posting about this.  Fitness & Freshness is one of our popular features and it's great to hear you're using it.

It's available on the web or on the Mobile App in the ways you've described.  We don't have any notifications or widgets associated with Fitness and Freshness.

In regards to using the API to access Fitness and Freshness data - I would encourage you to post that question over on our Developers Board here.

I would also recommend checking out this existing post on our Feature Suggestions Board, where another Community member is suggesting some enhancements to this feature.  We would welcome your comments and vote (kudos).

Thanks again.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team