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I cant access my saved routes or create new routes?

Mt. Kenya


When I log on and click dashboard to access my saved routes or to create new routes, the feature does not load???

I can access them on the mobile app with no problem though.

Any ideas?



Moderator Moderator

Hello @JesperWahlberg 

Sorry to hear of the problem.  Are you using Safari as your web browser?

We are aware of this issue with Safari browsers and it's been escalated to our Engineering team for investigation. We currently do not have an estimated time of resolution. In the meantime, please use another browser such as Google Chrome as a workaround.

Apologies for the inconvenience!


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Hi,  I'm having this same problem with my Android  using google chrome.   I have cleared the cache in Strava and chrome. Are you suggesting we should use another browser or is there some other issue?

I have the same issue with the app

It still isn't working with Safari. The Engineering team haven't fixed this ongoing problem.

I also have no new route nor saved routes function on Strava on my computer ... I also use Safari

Hi Jane, thanks for your reply. Yes I always use Safari. I've noticed my news feed is taking ages to load now too. I'll use Chrome as a workaround as you suggest and hope they get it sorted soon, thank you.

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