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Route Creation

Mt. Kenya

Tried to create a route the last two weeks and it detours me into roads I choose not to go..In other words, route creation is useless because Strava changes my route and will not let me select roads wish to ride.  I have looked every place for a fix and toggled everything to change preferences.  Strava support said use manual route...which is possible.  HELP


Mt. Kenya

I find Strava Route Planning to be hyper controlling for planning in a complex urban environment with numerous bike paths and back routes. It constantly insists on elaborate reroutes. Generally I know exactly where I want to go and don't need the help. I just want to layout routes to share with riding buddies.

I end up having to use manual mode repeatedly. Ridewithgps is much better. It just seems to have a better idea of how cyclists move around.

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Hello @Cometman 

Thanks for posting about this.  You mention manual mode, which is what I would recommend.  Manual mode lets you add a waypoint anywhere on the map when creating a route.  

If you'd rather not use manual mode and are finding that the route is not being created where you're trying to go, it's likely that area is not updated in OpenStreetMap.

Strava utilizes OpenStreetMap, an open-source project of geographical data for the entire world, alongside our own heat/popularity and other unique data, to help inform routing decisions. If you are experiencing a routing error, you can help the Strava community by contributing the edit to OpenStreetMap.
Please visit our support article for instructions for more information.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team