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Share your Strava Maps story to win 1-year of subscription!

Whether you use suggested routes to find your new favorite neighborhood loop, download offline maps to trek through the backcountry, or use Heatmaps to find new places to explore — we want to hear how you are using Strava Maps! Tell us what you value...

Marya by Community Manager
  • 6 replies
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[KNOWN ISSUE] Problems creating Routes

UPDATE FROM STRAVA: We're aware of a technical issue that may impact some Athletes who are trying to create longer routes. Sincere apologies for this issue.  Our Team is working on a fix, and we will update this thread when we have more information. ...

Wurfy by Shkhara
  • 17 replies
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Calculating TSS

Hi Strava and Strava Users,I can't seem to find the TSS calculated anywhere in my data. I do find that a little bit weird as it is pretty straigth forward calculation so it would be nice to have that included.I have found Strava a Strava TSS Calculat...

Resolved! Wahoo system automatically uploaded as virtual ride

When Wahoo system uploads a ride to Strava, Strava should upload it as a virtual ride by default.Strava already auto detects different types of ride based on Garmin ride profiles (gravel, MTB, road, etc), why not just do the same logic for everything...

Resolved! Pace

Why is Pace no longer being shown on the main screen? There is spare space to do this under Moving Time.Elevation is shown and frankly no one I know is interested in that, we just want to see if our pace is improving. Why did you stop showing this re...

AvoKardo by Mt. Kenya
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! Not getting Qoms I've earned

 Hello fellow sport-enthusiasts, I've started cycling three years ago and discovered Qoms. I love chasing qoms and gathered about 2000 of them in the those three years.Now *every* ride when I earn Qoms about half of them do not show up in my Qom resu...

Schermafbeelding 2024-02-05 140135.png Schermafbeelding 2024-02-05 140056.png

Resolved! Why face limitations and remain a paid subscriber??

This limitation on comments is making us go mad, Are you saying 20 comments per 24hrs is the limit?? I am sorry, not done.I had paid for a subscription for features not to face this type of limitation.May I know how to escalate this issue this is bot...

Resolved! Achivement Headline Cus

During my last activity, I set a PR for both the 1/2 mile and the 1k, as well as a setting my second fastest time for 1 mile. The headline underneath the activity says “Congrats! You have just set your second fastest time in the 1 mile” - can I chang...

Resolved! Other Club events

It would be nice to have non-run/non-cycle events for clubs. I have used club events to help organize swim meets, social dinners, and would like to use them for swim/rowing practice / regattas and more. Having more events would help keep people comin...

jleigh by Mt. Kenya
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