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Route detail page doesn't show which Segments are starred anymore


It seems that the Route detail page (when you click on a Route under your Strava > My Routes) has changed recently, and doesn't display which segments are starred. You need to click a Segment to star or unstar. This worked just fine in the "old" (much better) version. Which is a BIG anoyance to me.

With the old page, I could plan a Route, and then easily star Segments right on the page. Those starred Segments were then pulled over to my Garmin Edge. The new page makes this way more difficult. I would need to click on each Segment separatelly, and there are dozens of them.

Futhermore, on the "old" (miles better) page, when you put your mouse over a Segment, it displayed where it is on the map. This feature is gone.

Please, bring back the previous very good Route detail page.



It's now almost 10 months since they broke this.  Not even a partial fix.  It seems like half baked changes are made and then completely abandoned nowadays, even if they're one of the most used or relied on features by both paying and non-paying members.  Maybe 10% of segments show up on routes created since this change (if you're lucky).  Not to mention that the star / unstar feature on routes for segments was removed.

Strava is a total disaster these dayys.


Still broken.  Still useless ...

Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava, could you please fix it?

I'm using old routes (2 years old), because new planned routes are almost without segments. We need to explore map to find segment, which is really frustrating.

Strava, why is this so hard?  You've bragged about all the work you've released to plan/make/create routes except the feature we want the most doesn't work. 

1.  After creating a route be able to view and STAR all the segements without that route. 

2.  Have those starred segments show up on our live segments on cycling computer.   

This is why I pay for Strava, can we please have an status of when this can be fixed? 

Mt. Kenya

i can no longer star routes on the app. wtf?! how do i get routes to sync to garmin?

Found it - once on a route, you can swipe right on the “Saved, Offline” etc icons and the star button is hidden to the right 

Same for me - anyone know how to select routes to sync to garmin as you can’t star them on the app??

Mt. Kenya

This change is TERRIBLE.  Why change a brilliant and eminently useful bit of UI?

very frustrating and severely degrades  the usefulness of the site and app 

Mt. Kenya

To get strava segments on my garmin edge 530, I have always starred the segments, created the route on strava, starred the route. The route then appears in garmin connect with the purple start and end segment flags which allows my garmin edge to start and end the segments on the ride.

Recently I've noticed an issue when creating routes on the strava website. The segments I have starred no-longer appear to be recognised when creating a route, they don't appear in the list of segments under the route.

This means the start and end segment data is not added in the sync to garmin and the purple flags don't appear in garmin connect etc... etc... and segments do not appear on my edge 530.

I can't be the only one with this issue. It seems to have appeared since the route website changed