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Wisdom Wednesday - December 20th 2023

Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesday! Every other Wednesday we'll drop a question in the Community Hub. You then have 9 days (that's until the following Friday) to showcase your Strava knowledge and answer the question. Question: Can I view my Year In Sp...

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What are your fitness goals for 2024?

Here’s my list: 1. LA Marathon (PR) 2. Berlin Marathon (Sub-3) 3. Running the Gauntlet (PRs in every distance from a quarter mile to marathon over the course of the year) What are you excited about for next year?    

Shant by Mount Logan
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Resolved! Problems with "Year in sport - 2023"

Hi,Anyone else having trouble with your "Year in sport - 2023"Tried reinstalling the app, clearing data and cache. Running on a Samsung S22// Peter  

mr_nuno by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Recorded distance

On my walk this morning at a predetermined point of 5km my samsung 5 strava indicated 6km and was out on all points

Resolved! 2002 year in sport summary

Hello,Happy New year to all. I've tried to find this but without any success so hopeful someone here is able to help. I am trying to access my 2022 year in sport summary page. Anyway I am able to do this?Thank you in advance.Eddy from Canada 

Eddy_ by Mt. Kenya
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Running for making friends

 How a lethargic morning ended up meeting my college alumini.Plan was to just go to the park and do a 60 min time spent with a slow jogg.Indeed , started with very jogging pace, however after 2 nd km it came back to my normal pace( as per strava )eve...

gunaneh by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Reembolso / Reimbursement

Olá gostaria de cancelar meu plano receber reembolso   TRANSLATION: Hello, I would like to cancel my plan and receive a refund 

BEACON for everybody.

Security is the most important thing when we practice sport, and Strava have BEACON to connect our trainings with family and friends. I don't understand why Strava just connect with Garmin if the others users are paying the same amount of money every...