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Bug in Create activity API using GPX File

When I create and activity with GPX file, it calculates Time and distance itself which looks like total time, no moving time. So each time I do entry using gpx file it shows more time.I'm also sending moving time from here, but it seems strava does n...

image_2023_12_01T11_03_41_327Z.png image_2023_12_01T11_04_14_880Z.png
maria123 by Mt. Kenya
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Event gets updated only sometimes

Hi! I'm trying to update the descrption of a event using the create webhook. I'm getting response 200 with the updated fields every time, but for some reason the change is only sometimes visible in the activity it self.Any pointers or ideas how to fi...

ClubAthlete does not include Athlete ID

This model won't include any athlete identifier, which makes the information a bit useless in the end. Since APIs are made for machines, and machines identify entities differences between IDs, not having them on the returned models make them invaluab...

paleloser by Pico de Orizaba
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How to keep client secret secure in public app?

I'm working on a browser-based app using the Strava API that I hope to eventually make publicly available. Originally, I was planning on having all of the communication take place in Javascript in the user's browser. However, since the POST that exch...

tmiku by Mt. Kenya
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Athletes currently connected - but lost in app's db

I have a few "Currently connected athletes".The problem is that they got deleted in my app's database. Meaning that I'm not able to access their refresh token or short lived access token, even though I have their permission.Is there a way to retrieve...

paloskar by Mt. Kenya
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How long time for developers to answer

Hey, I submitted a question through email to the developers inbox 3 weeks ago and still no answer. Does anyone know what kind of response time I should prepare for? And, if someone on the developers team at Strava reads this, it is regarding ticket #...

Django + server API app logic with Strava

Hi everyone,I'm a beginner programmer. I am writing my master's thesis on "The motivational impact of the Strava social network on users' sports results."I created an application in Django that processes tokens, gets athletes and the activities (+com...

Michalys by Mt. Kenya
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Color UTF8 Emoji

Something I noticed some time back has been emoji changing from color to shadow/black & white. below is some code I have used in my web applications to enable color emoji to appear as we expect them, like country flags.<link rel="preconnect" href="ht...

lopey66 by Elbrus
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