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Resolved! Oauth token 404 response

I am setting up oAuth flow in postman and all works ok until it calls the token URL at which point it fails with a 404 as per the below. If anyone has some ideas on this help would be much appreciated: ▶POST 137 ms...

How to get app listed

Hello all,I've made an app using the Strava API where you can create unique prints using your activities. I would like to get it listed here: anyone know who I should contact?Happy riding!Luk

lukr by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! List of domains that the application uses

Hi All, I am looking for the list of domains that the application uses (e.g.,, etc...) or a list of IP addresses for the application. I need it in order to detect the traffic originated from Mobile users to Strava and allow this traffi...

Mauro by Mt. Kenya
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IP Whitelisting for Webhook API Subscription

Hi there, we have created subscription as per details provided at However, our callback url is behind an AWS WAF and hence notifications from Strava are getting blocked. Can you please provide a list of I...

rally by Mt. Kenya
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Console App with strava

Hello every body, i'm trying to create an App where a will agregate my sport data and i was wandering if the is a way to authenticate without being redirected(using a redirection link for getting the code).Thank in advance

Zaker237 by Mt. Kenya
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Unable to register push subscription

Bad request when registering a push subscription. I checked output of my url and get the 200 with correct response within miliseconds. Could this be because my api is accessible over ipv6 only? ( no ipv4 available.. )   Cheers

Napche by Mt. Kenya
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