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Resolved! List of domains that the application uses

Hi All, I am looking for the list of domains that the application uses (e.g.,, etc...) or a list of IP addresses for the application. I need it in order to detect the traffic originated from Mobile users to Strava and allow this traffi...

Mauro by Mt. Kenya
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Webhook on gear update

Given a user that has more than one gear for a specific sport, when an activity is registered through an external app (i.e. Garmin Conect), it will be imported with the default one, which makes the user update the gear field with the correct one.For ...

paleloser by Pico de Orizaba
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Update to the Webhooks API

Hi there,It seems like there is a lot of discussions about the webhook API and it seems to be kind of going nowhere.Strava wants to enforce fewer API Calls, but doesn't really make an easy way of going about that, when the webhooks are this limited.I...

Resolved! The number of steps displayed is incorrect

HelloI have activities where the number of steps does not match the distance walked.For example, a road is 3.26km long but the number of steps is only 2180 steps. So calculating that my step is 1.5m is very unreasonable. How to fix this problem? Than...

how long does a refresh token last?

I'm storing the refresh token for my session in a database and updating it everytime I update the access token. But the other day, my application was down for 60 hours and I was surprised to see that the refresh token still worked.How long does it la...

someguy by Mt. Kenya
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How do I increase athlete limit?

Hello!I recently developed an app using the Strava API in my app.However, I have come to the realization that the app is limited to only one athlete. I am now wondering how I can expand these limitations to my cu...

douglac by Shkhara
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Resolved! A new web app for listing races

Hello there!I have created a new simple web app that provides a simple list of a athletes races. I am posting here to see if anyone would like to help in testing the app and suggest improvements, but also I was wondering how I should let Strava know ...

crm86 by Shkhara
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