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Resolved! Timezone bug in this Portal

When typing a message, you get a message saying "Your content was auto-saved at x". The time here however is not using the user timezone. For example, I'm currently in Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+2) at 13:28 local time, but the message says "04:28 AM".

Invalid Code

After the using "" api i got the new code and everytime getting error Error: {message: 'Authorization Error',errors: [ { resource: 'Application', field: '', code: 'invalid' } ]}

Resolved! deleting activity automatically

I encountered a 404 while attempting to fetch an activity after getting a webhook request for creating an activity. I observe a pattern that occurs when creating an activity and it automatically deletes an activity that has a small time difference, I...

Resolved! 403 Error on /athlete/activities endpoint

 Hello everyone.I'm having an issue when trying to request user activities from the endpoint I get a 403 (Bad Request) error, although the client secret string and user access token are fine. Here's r...

jebrax by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! How to upload an activity with heartrate or power data?

I have heartrate data from indoor cycling sessions ( no gps data ) and I want my app to be able to upload the session once it's finished to strava. I have been able to create an activity with only the average heartrate, but i have not been able to do...

mklr by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Strava Oauth Deauthrization

Hi,I'm trying to deauthroize a user using the following two links but it seems to be sending me back errors: - Page doesn't exist - {"message":"Record Not Found","errors...

Resolved! Raise of API Limit

Is it in any way possible to get more API requests for an application?My application only has 1000 requests pr day with a limit of 100 pr 15 minutes.I have a friend who created a new application a couple of months ago, and he got 2000 and 200 pr 15 m...