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Resolved! strava oauth approval_prompt

Hello, I have a problem with strava authentication. When the user logs in for the first time everything goes well. However, during subsequent connections it still requires authorization to connect to the Strava account instead of directly connecting ...

Resolved! More details needed: Mandatory Linking to Strava Data

The Strava API Brand Guidelines state:> You must link back to all original Strava data sources presented in your applicationIs there any documentation that gives any more detail on how to do this? When I first read this I had assumed that the API res...

MM1 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! modify visibility

I have written a python script to modify the visibility of all my recorded activities from "only_me" to "everyone". The script works and the return from the api indicates that the update was performed successfully. However in reality the privacy flag...

aagaag by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! athletes/{id}/routes returns 403

I'm calling athletes/{id}/routes in swagger and receiving a 403 error. I have successfully authorized myself with read_all permissions. FWIW, everything I try in swagger returns a 403.

wags by Shkhara
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Resolved! Bootstrapping a new app with data

I'm super curious how developers are bootstrapping their data.When starting a new app, I want to bootstrap my database with my personal history. So rather than simply leveraging webhooks, I want to first read in past events. This is impossible with t...

gtracy by Mt. Kenya
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Strava API Streaming

Howdy folks! I have an issue I simply cannot figure out. I am trying to stream data from an activity. I am using postman to test my queries. As we can see, the activity is real and works. The key has read all and read permissions for activities via s...

mjv11_0-1704445877198.png mjv11_1-1704445989809.png
mjv11 by Mt. Kenya
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