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Resolved! Not receiving webhook events

For some reason, I am not receiving any webhook events (new activities, updated activities, etc) today.  I have never experienced this issue before.  Is there some kind of problem that would cause this today?

rdawson by Shkhara
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Resolved! "field": "activity:read_permission"

Hello everyone. I'm having an issue with retrieving user data.I decided to create an API that would fetch data from my friends and push a weekly leaderboard to our Telegram channel, showing who ran the most.So, let me describe the process of creating...

Strava Source

When you visit and sign in, you can view (and download) Strava's source which is not minified.Their custom @strava Components are also shipped with the source.Interesting bit of knowledge and some good reading! 

huzi8t9 by Mt. Kenya
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API Registration Issues

Hi! I have been trying to set up an API that will extract activity data based on dates. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing issues with the API registration.I have been following the guide (in the api guidelines) step by step but I keep coming to...

Update Activity RPE via API?

Hi everyone!  I am somewhat familiar with Strava's API both directly via HTTP and with the Python Stravalib library through my visualization app Heatflask ( (Client ID 12700) which I has been running since 2016.   However I ...

bfef by Shkhara
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Webhook requirement for mobile apps?

On the getting started guide in the section F. Why do I need webhooks? it states: "Per our API terms, you need to implement webhooks to know when an athlete has deauthorized your API application" What about mobile only applications? We're building a ...

brianp by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Get a list of activity ID

Hi all.Using a get on, I get a list of activities.I realised that each activity in the json response is a summary of the activities, because "resource_state" : 2,So I tried to tried to get the detailed repres...

Resolved! Error 404 when uploading swimming FIT file

On June 22/23 for some users of our app the upload failed for FIT files with swimming data. The response error when uploading the FIT file was:status: 404 error: {"message":"Record Not Found","errors":[{"resource":"resource","field":"path","code":"in...

hophoff by Shkhara
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Clearing no longer referenced athletes

With the newly introduced per app athlete limit its clear around 15% of our athlete tokens are orphaned. Is there any way to clear these down? We're quite happy to cycle through all the valid tokens and make a "hey this one is still in use" poke to a...

Resolved! Segment creation date

Is there an easy way to determine how old a segment is? If not, could it be added to each segment e.g. creation date?

Boasty by Mt. Kenya
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