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Can we get the everysec activity detailed through v3 api?

Mt. Kenya

As for Garmin Connect, it offers the activity detailed api for developers to access the everysec detailed in a certain activity as a json. I wander whether Strava v3 API offer the same, because I cannot find this information in API Docs.


The Activity Detailed is as follow:

"samples": [{
"startTimeInSeconds": 1695538280,
"bikeCadenceInRPM": 0.0,
"timerDurationInSeconds": 0,
"movingDurationInSeconds": 0,
"heartRate": 99,
"elevationInMeters": 3.200000047683716,
"speedMetersPerSecond": 1.8940000534057617,
"latitudeInDegree": 22.55610477179289,
"clockDurationInSeconds": 0,
"longitudeInDegree": 113.87656951323152,
"airTemperatureCelcius": 35.0,
"totalDistanceInMeters": 0.029999999329447746
}, {
"powerInWatts": 0.0,
"longitudeInDegree": 113.87656565755606,
"totalDistanceInMeters": 1.9199999570846558,
"startTimeInSeconds": 1695538281,
"bikeCadenceInRPM": 0.0,
"timerDurationInSeconds": 1,
"movingDurationInSeconds": 1,
"heartRate": 99,
"elevationInMeters": 3.0,
"speedMetersPerSecond": 1.8940000534057617,
"latitudeInDegree": 22.55609999410808,
"clockDurationInSeconds": 1,
"airTemperatureCelcius": 35.0



The streams in Strava are per second but not every second, as pauses are excluded. And the seconds counts from 0, like the clockDurationInSeconds in your example, the unix timestamps aren't there. You will get separate streams for each measuring unit but on the whole you will get roughly the same values.

Mt. Kenya

I've noticed getActivityStreams seems like offers this kind of feature. But the Strava API documentation for getActivityStreams does not explicitly mention that the data interval is every second. Additionally, the documentation doesn't specify the presence of Unix timestamps for reference.