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Set activity privacy and map visibility via API


I think API write access for Activity privacy settings would be a useful addition to Strava because this would allow users to configure third-party apps to manage their Activity privacy settings with greater granularity than Strava offers through its current UI. I would like to be able to set both Activity visibility as well as Activity map visibility via API.

Ideally, Strava would also provide the ability to configure these defaults in-app. However, in lieu of more granular control over privacy defaults within the app itself, this would be a significant improvement to Strava's privacy features and one that would have a significant positive impact on user Trust & Safety. For example, it would allow a user to programmatically hide the entire map for their commutes, walks, or runs—which may tend to occur in more predictable zones and within a tighter radius of their residences and places of work—while configuring different default map visibility settings for bike rides or ski activities, which may occur over a wider map or have more anonymized location profiles by virtue of the type of activity.



I read somewhere that this API call used to be available years ago, but subsequently killed. I’m not sure why, and I would really like to see it reenabled. It would be very useful for people like me who keep most activities Followers because they’re mundane indoor workouts/commutes/etc., but who want to automatically mark outdoor runs as Public for competing on segments. Right now I have to go in and change the visibility manually every time.