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Live Segments on Garmin not appearing

Mt. Kenya

The Live segment on my Garmin 1040 stoped showing. Any tips how to fix this problem???THX


Moderator Moderator

Hello @fofin 

Thanks for posting about this.  I've included some general troubleshooting steps below.  

  1. You must star segments in order to sync them to your device, otherwise you will only be notified about "popular segments"
  2. You must use the Garmin Connect mobile app or Garmin Express to sync your Garmin device (this process pushes segments to the device)
  3. Make sure you're using Strava segments and not Garmin segments on Garmin Connect. Read the FAQ here.
  4. Segments must have a positive average grade. Downhill segments will not sync to devices for Live Segment use.

For more information please see our article on Strava Live Segments on your Garmin.  If the problem is with starred segments not syncing, try un-starring the segment, syncing with your Garmin, and then re-starring it and syncing again.  

Let us know if that helps.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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