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Moving time Apple workout not correct



I thanks since a few weeks strava doesn’t update the Moving time After sync workout.

i use the Apple Watch and the workout running app to record my runs. When i’m done, i open the strava app and sync the workout. After few seconds the run is on strava.

in the past, strava analyses the run and updates the Moving time. So stopping formtraffic light was deleted 

 but now my avg speed etc is worse and i cannot compare my progress.  

‘is this a setting i can change myself?

mny thanks in advanced



Mt. Kenya

Any update on this? It's almost a year in and the problem persists.


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I think it is working. i just checked strava and i can see a difference between moving time and total time 🙂

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Hi Jane, 

Thanks for the response. I’ve looked by through my runs and it seems it’s been happening since the end of March onwards on random runs. I hadn’t noticed though until this week when I knew I definitely had run quicker than the pace strava said. 

I don’t pause at all during runs so can’t try the advice given. Strava just usually cuts out any stops in the moving time which is what it doesn’t seem to be doing. If that helps. 

Strange because other friends with the same phone and watch aren’t having the same issue. 

Is there anything else can be tried? 

many thanks

Moderator Moderator

Hello @Jeroentje 

Thanks for clarifying what's going on.  I looked into this and it is a known bug.   

We're currently investigating this issue and we apologize for the inconvenience. The discrepancy you're seeing is due to the paused events that occur in the activity file. Going forward we would recommend NOT manually pausing your activity when you're recording with the Workout Watch app. When your activity is imported, we will calculate your moving time based on the GPS data being recorded.

Alternatively, if you need to pause your activity while you're recording, you can record with the Strava Watch App. This article can provide you with more information on how you can set this up.

I'll post an update here when this issue is resolved.  In the meantime, please use one of the two workarounds suggested above and be sure to let us know if you have further questions.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

hello @Jane 

do you have some new information for this bug. In a month my training for the next marathon starts. It would be nice to see the correct times. (as it was last year)
i like strava because of the integration with apple, but after 1/2 year not working im starting to worry

many thanks in advanced,

Moderator Moderator

Hello @Jeroentje 

Thanks for posting about this.  I'm a little confused about what's happening.  Are you saying that the moving time you see on Strava after your activity syncs seems incorrect, because we are not removing your stopped / paused time?

Thanks so much for clarifying this.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

moving time and total time are the same.  previous stopping for a trafic light was removed.  this is not working now.

it works fine when i sync a cycling activity. but for running it is still not working

many thanks in advanced


Even when I don’t pause a workout, the wrong amount of moving time shows up in Strava. It’s correct on my Apple Watch, but I’m Strava it’s much lower than what it actually is.

Hi Jane,

all of a sudden have the same issue. Worked all fine until Monday. Same watch and phone since April. 
I’ve tried every GPS reset and location services reset and all sorts. No luck. I have NEVER manually paused any workout. 
it’s like Strava or Apple suddenly can’t see the stationary time. What is even more weird is that the splits and segments are still accurately recorded and match my fellow runners but the average pace is just reflected as weird.
I agree with others- it’s very hard to train speed work or long distance if you don’t really know how fast one is running. 

Yeah that’s exactly the same issue. Was working totally fine now something is not recognising any stops in my run. Still not resolved and was basically told it’s a bug they’re working on. So nothing can be done. 

Mine was also doing this (I replied in this thread elsewhere) but has started working (my moving and elapsed are now different) over the last week. I've never paused a run or walk. Not sure why but hopefully it continues to do so.


Moving time and Total workout time are the same If you use the Apple Watch running workout and sync this with strava app on iPhone.