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Resolved! Apple Watch App and headphonea

Hi.  I’ve just started using an Apple Watch with the Strava App.  I run better whilst listening to music but for some reason the Strava App on the watch does not give its audio cues through the headphones and I can’t figure out how to set it up. if I...

Resolved! Apple Watch Low Power Mode(s) - Fewer GPS Readings

Is the Apple Watch Strava app affected by the new Low Power Modes for Workouts. Does switching on these setting affect a Strava Workout? And if not - can they be integrated? 1. Simple setting - Low Power Mode 2. Advanced setting - Fewer GPS and Heart...

phirst by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Apple Health and Strava not syncing automatically

Hi - I had a Fitbit Charge 2 watch for several years and all activity on my fitbit that used my iPhone's GPS was automatically sinced to Strava without any intervention from me. I just switched to apple watch recently and when I start an activity, I ...

JeePee by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Crazy intervals with Apple Watch Ultra

I've just started using the Apple Watch Ultra and its Workout app to record my runs, and I'm getting very mixed results with intervals. The other day, I did a simple fartlek run—1:05 on, 1 off, 12 reps—and everything imported just fine. Today I did a...

Resolved! Import from Apple Watch

Hello, I’m using "exercises" app on Apple Watch for my swimming sessions. Everything works perfectly, but when I import this one into Strava, it appears but without putting the realised distance...路‍. Does an adjustment have to be made for this to a...

Charly23 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Report a bug. Apple Watch app

When I go to the gym, I record my workouts on the Apple Watch Strava App... If I forget to 'Finish' and 'Save' the recording before I take the watch off to shower, then it doesn't sync and effectively disappears... Is there someway to keep the record...

Galen by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Rock Climbing with Apple Watch vs iPhone

I like recording my indoor rock climbing sessions with Strava and Apple Watch, as it doesn't record location, and I just get the heart rate.  Sometimes, I forget my Apple Watch and record with my iPhone, at which Strava records location.  Why is ther...