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Status: Gathering Kudos

Quite simply I've seen comments asking for e-bikes to be included in monthly challenges, but I think that this would discredit a lot of pedal powered efforts and worsen the division between traditional cyclists and e-bikers.

A simple solution would be a duplicate monthly challenges for e-bikes (or potentially having an "all-comers").

E-bikes aren't cheating. Some people have limited mobility and can only do what they do because they have the assistance of an e-bike, however, they're putting in more effort than they were before, they're being more eco-conscious than they were before and both of these things need reward and recognition.

Some people (myself included) use e-bikes because it allows us to increase the range of what we would have otherwise done, or allows quicker recovery so we can do more cycling. These still result in one main thing: more cycling. 

This is F1 vs Formula E. We're not coming for your spots or your leaderboards, we just want our own sections and our own challenges because we're doing our own sport (which is just a valid).

Mt. Kenya

D'accord avec vous sur le fond.Pas de discrimination.

Seul soucis  dans les e-byke il y a les Vélos Electriques ( 100% électrique sous les 25 km/h), les VAE ( assistance en fonction du pedalage), et les autres vélos débridés au delà des 25 km/h et ceux qui sont homologués à 50 km/h mais interdits sur les routes sans immatriculations assurance !

Très compliqué par conséquent de faire le ménage dans cette jungle !

Bonne journée à vous

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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