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Mt. Kenya
Status: Archived

I am suggesting adding "Solo Ride" as a heatmap dropdown option on

The current heatmap for Rides is massively skewed by group rides. These group rides often involve dozens of people riding together. As such, they are able to safely take routes that would be extremely dangerous for a single rider.

The rides heatmap is essentially worthless for a single rider trying to plot a nice and safe route.

For countless examples of this problem, look at the rides heatmap in Plano, TX.


Strava has no way of knowing whether a rider is solo or riding with a group of others who don't record their rides or have their rides marked as Private. 

Status changed to: Archived

Thanks for your post. In order for "solo rides" to be displayed on the heatmaps, it would first be necessary to distinguish between a solo or group activity. There's already an idea for that in the Ideas Board, therefore we are archiving this idea.